Tiger Gaming Review: Choose the best Chico Poker Deal

  • Room – TigerGaming
  • Network – Chico Poker Network
  • Rakeback – up to 60%
  • Rake – 5% cap $0.25-$3
  • Trackers Support – via converter
  • Cashier – direct
  • VPN – not needed
Tigergaming Room

Tiger Gaming and Chico Poker Network Review

Tiger Gaming is the flagship of Chico Poker Network. The online poker room licensed in Curacao has been founded in 1999 and is not available to US players, which can still join the network through one of the few online poker skins that accepts US customers, BetOnline Poker. Our Tiger Gaming review shows that the poker room has been focused on bringing sports betting and casino players, thus their main traffic is composed by recreational players.

Not running a classical VIP scheme and not allowing any straight forward rakeback plans is also another reason while one of the few US friendly poker networks has managed to create a healthy poker ecology environment, despite the most online poker operators who have been facing with many regulars flooding their networks.

Player Pool and Promotions

Players who register on TigerGaming share the same player pool as all the other Chico Poker skins therefore they can play against US poker players and other recreational players. The poker room offers many promotions such as, but not limited to weekly leaderboards, daily cash races, high guaranteed tournaments or bad bead jackpots to compensate with the lack of VIP loyalty system.

Chico Poker Network offers Texas Holdem and Omaha cash games while also hosting Sit and Go and tournaments. The traffic is split among the type of games offered but there are few grinders on any of them so you can experience a soft player pool.

Traffic on the Chico Poker Network

According to Pokerscout, Chico Poker Network stands on the 17th place in worldwide online poker sites traffic report. When we have conducted this Tiger Gaming review, there were more than 870 connections online, with an average number of 400 cash games grinders on a weekly basis and more than 600 at peak hours. Therefore, we can assume the traffic is split between Texas Holdem/Omaha cash games and tournaments/Sit and go.

Most of the trafic comes from US and Canada recreational players since Tiger Gaming is targeting especially Canadian players while other skins of the network such as BetOnline Poker are focusing mostly on US players. European players are also allowed to join the network but they have to take into account that US is on another time zone so most of the action will be during the night (European time).

No Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games traffic is decent for micro up to medium stakes, while at high stakes you can find some games only at peak hours. MTTs and Sit and Go are also popular with different buy-ins and guaranteed prizes. An interesting element regarding cash games is that Tiger Gaming offers several table formats: 2-max, 4-max 6-max and 9-max. Unlike many other poker operators, Chico Poker Networks still has decent traffic for NL 9-max cash games.

Our Tiger Gaming review has shown the following traffic for cash games:

No Limit Texas Holdem

·        Low stakes – 7 N1L0 6-max + 8 9-max & 3 NL25 6-max + 2 NL25 9-max tables

·        Medium stakes – 5 NL50 6-max +1 NL50 9-max, 4 NL100 6-max + 6 NL100 9-max & 1 NL200 6-max and 4 NL200 9-max tables

·        High stakes – 3 6-max NL500 + 1 6-max NL1k and 2 6-max NL2K tables

Pot Limit Omaha

·        Low stakes – 5 PLO10 and 5 PLO25 6-max tables

·        Medium stakes – 3 PLO50 6-max + 4 PLO100 6-max + 2PLO200 6-max tables

·        High stakes – 1 NL1K 6-max tables

Who can play on TigerGaming poker room?

Players are eligible to join from any country, unless they are on the country restrictions list.

Currently, players from the following countries are restricted to play at TigerGaming:

·        South Africa

·        Turkey

·        United States

However, due to online poker market segregation that is expanding, changes might occur all the time. We kindly advice all our customers to contact us prior to registering their poker account.

Our Tiger Gaming review shows that Chico Poker Network uses a software that is compatible with PC and MAC desktop versions and is also available for in-browser play. They also claims to have released an android version for mobile. The poker client is user friendly having several features:

·        Table tile

·        Preferred seating

·        Display folded cards

·        Heads Up anonymous tables

Chico software is quite stable and it allows multi-tabling.

Poker trackers such as Holdem Manager 2 and Poker Tracker 4 are not supported by Chico Poker software. However, hand converters are available at discounted prices for Chico and they allow players use the HUD at the poker tables.

Chico Deposits and Withdrawals

Chico Poker Deposits and withdrawals are processed through the online poker room which offers players several payment methods such as: Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, Entropay, Visa, Mastercard or wire transfer. Withdrawals are processed fast within a few business days. 

Rake and Rakeback at TigerGaming

First of all, it is worth to mention that Chico Poker Network uses a weighted contributed rake method.

Rake at Chico Network is different for each type of game as follows:

·        Cash games – 5.5% for all stakes with rake cap values between 0.25$ for the lowest stakes up to $3 for the highest.

·        Tournaments – 10% is the average fee taken from tournament buy ins

·        Sit and Go – around 10% for most of the SNGs; only 5% for HU SNGs

No Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha Rake Structure 


Number of players

Rake Amount

Rake %

Rake Cap

Below NL10/PLO10


$0.01 for each $0.18



Below NL10/PLO10


$0.01 for each $0.18





$0.01 for each $0.18



Nl10/PLO 10


$0.01 for each $0.18



NL25/PLO25 – NL50/PLO50


$0.01 for each $0.18



NL25/PLO25 – NL50/PLO50


$0.01 for each $0.18





$0.01 for each $0.18





$0.01 for each $0.18



How do I earn rakeback at Tiger Gaming?

First of all Tiger Gaming is an online poker room that does not offer any straight forward rakeback plan nor VIP loyalty system. Therefore, it is way trickier to earn rakeback on Chico Poker Network in comparison with other operators.

While other poker rooms have very rewarding VIP programs, Tiger Gaming rewards players with only up to 5% rakeback through exchanging VIP points into cash. Players receive 10 Player Option Points (POP) for every 1$ rake paid for cash games, tournaments or SNGs. POP are quite similar with other VIP system points. However, the payout is very small and rewards players with cash prizes as follows:

Player Option Points (POP)

Cash prizes

Rake Requirement

Rakeback %





















From the payout scheme we can notice that the highest cash prize is 100$ for reaching 20,000 POP, thus raking 2,000$. Players can opt whether or not they want to redeem POP into cash or use them to buy tournament tickets. While it is not as impressing as other VIP systems, the POP cash prizes are added to the other player benefits such as, but not limited to First Deposit Bonus, special leaderboards and cash prizes.

How much is the Tiger Gaming first deposit bonus worth?

New players who register through RakebackAce will receive a 100% up to 2,500$ first deposit bonus which is equivalent with 33% rakeback. Players have 30 days to release the bonus in 5 equal increments. Use the bonus code NEWTG when you make your first deposit. Alternatively, e-mail at bonuses@tigergaming.com to request for your bonus to be activated if it is not done automatically.

Example: John Higgins wants to deposit 1,000$. He will receive 1,000$ bonus that will be released in 5 equal increments of 200$. For each 200$ player has to rake 600$ to release the bonus increment.

Are there any reload bonuses available at Tiger Gaming?

Our Tiger Gaming review showed that the poker room used to offer reload bonuses on request for players, after harvesting the first deposit bonus. However, at the moment it does no longer offer any reload bonus. It wouldn’t hurt to double check by contacting us prior to your registration if any reload bonus is still available.

Are the any other extra rakeback revenue streams at TigerGaming?

Yes, on top of the first deposit bonus and POP cash prizes, players also take part into TigerGaming poker promotions, depending of the game played:

·        250,000$ weekend guarantees

·        Bad bead jackpot

·        Sit and Go weekly leaderboard challenge

·        1,100$ daily cash race

The most exciting promotion for cash games players is the 1,100$ daily cash race which rewards top 3 players for each stake as follows:





























It is hard to estimate how much rakeback grinders can get on aggregate, but we can assume that those who play and rake a lot will also harvest many prizes and bonuses from TigerGaming exclusive promotions such as daily cash prizes, weekly leaderboards or jackpot bonuses, thus we can safely say that while first deposit bonus is active players can get up to 60% rakeback.

After first deposit bonus expires, you may feel free to contact us to receive our custom rakeback deal for TigerGaming. RakebackAce offers the best rewards for VIP players at Chico Poker Network.

TigerGaming Review Conclusions

In conclusion, our Tiger Gaming review has showed that the Chico poker skin is an excellent choice especially for Texas Holdem and Omaha cash grinders but it is also a nice place to play tournaments online. The online poker room has very good traffic at low up to medium stakes for both 6-max and 9-max No Limit Holdem and for 6-max Pot Limit Omaha. Players have to be careful at the time zone and they should only join the tables at peak hours which are close to the midnight (European time) and in the night of course, where you can get the juiciest action.

On the other hand, while not running a classical VIP system or straight forward rakeback plan, TigerGaming offers both a soft player pool with fishy games and several revenue streams for maximizing rakeback for high volume grinders such as weekly leaderboards or races. On top of these ones, RakebackAce will offer extra benefits to serious grinders through our custom rakeback deal. So there are plenty of incentives to make TigerGaming a good choice at least for those of you who enjoy grinding during the midnight and play against weak opponents on one of the few US friendly online poker networks.


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