Royal Diamond Poker Review: Rakeback

  • Room – Royal Diamond Poker
  • Network – Independent
  • Rakeback – up to 40%
  • Rake – 4.5%
  • Trackers Support – no
  • Cashier – via RakebackAce
  • VPN – not needed
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Royal Diamond Poker Review

Royal Diamond Poker is an independent Israeli poker room launched in 2016, after Pokerstars left the local market and created the place for launching new independent online poker rooms. Being less known by grinders worldwide, it is currently the softest Israeli reservation for cash games.

Currency and Exchange Rates

Being an Israeli reservation, games are played in the local currency, Israeli Shekels (ILS). According to worldwide currency converter 1 USD= 3.57 ILS. 

Royal Diamond Traffic Report

The Israeli room offers several games such as:

·        Texas Holdem

·        Omaha

·        32 Card Draw

·        7 Stud

Our Royal Diamond Poker review has shown that the only action takes place at Texas Holdem and Omaha cash games. There is almost no traffic for tournaments and Sit & go. Thus, we will only focus on cash games traffic review. On average there are around 25 cash games players online but the numbers can increase up to 100 connections at peak hours.

Traffic is low for both No Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games, therefore we only recommend the poker room for bum hunters because the games are very soft as compared with other Israeli reservations. However, except peak hours, which are usually in the European evenings, you can hardly multi-table at any stakes.

Which are the minimum stakes available?

The lowest stakes available for Holdem and Omaha cash games are NL1/2 ILS and PLO 0.5/1 ILS. Thus, the lowest stakes are equivalent to NL50$ and PLO25$. In this respect, it is pretty obvious that there is no micro stakes action and the Israeli reservation targets mostly low and mid stakes grinders.

Peak Traffic and bum hunting

At peak hours you can find games up to 100/200 ILS for Texas Holdem and 200/400 ILS for Omaha. This is equivalent to NL5.5k and PLO11k. We can say that RoyalDiamond is a very good choice for Pot Limit Omaha bum hunters.

Main action takes place at 5/10 ILS or NL280$. The Israeli reservation is not suitable for micro stakes players but is a very good option due to the soft field for low and mid stakes regulars.

Country Restrictions

Even though more than 80% of the players come from Israel, there are no country restrictions. Moreover, all accounts are created from our agency, thus no real data is required when registering accounts. Players can join from any country around the globe and have to contact us for requesting an account.

Royal Diamond Poker Software and Trackers Support

RoyalDiamond uses a very nice software from Connective Games that is slightly better than the ones used by the other Israeli poker rooms such as GoldPokerPro or Poker AA. The software is available in all possible versions:

·        Desktop version for Windows

·        Instant in-browser play

·        IOS and Android mobile versions

You can check yourself from our photo gallery below that the graphics are really nice for such a small site. Players can also add or change avatar and select the preferred table theme.

Client Features

The software allows players use several game features:

·        Four color deck

·        Multiple window mode

·        Auto post blind

·        Auto muck cards

·        Show folded cards

·        Highlight Winning Combinations

·        Show open seats

·        Transparent Inactive Players

When it comes to poker trackers, it is important to mention that both Holdem Manager 2 and Poker Tracker 4 are not supported. Thus, players cannot use any HUD at the tables.

The good news is that everybody can play at RoyalDiamond without having to use a VPN. Thus, all you have to do is to contact us to request a poker account and send deposit to start playing.

Royal Diamond deposits and withdrawals – cashier

All poker accounts are created from our agency. Thus, deposits and withdrawals are processed through RakebackAce. Minimum deposit is 200 EUR. Withdrawals are processed fast, within 1-2 days. Below you can find the available payment options:

·        Skrill EUR

·        Neteller EUR

It is worth mentioning that there are no withdrawal fees imposed by us or the room on top of how much Skrill/Neteller charges. Being managed by us, transactions are safe and secure and players can focus on their game without worrying about their poker bankroll.

Rake Method and Structure

Our review has proven that the Israeli poker room uses a weighted contributed rake method and charges players with 4.5%.

Royal Diamond Poker Rakeback Deal

We offer the most competitive rakeback deal for the softest Israeli poker reservation. Thus, players who request an account through RakebackAce will receive the following deal based on rake tiers:

Monthly Rake Requirement (USD)


0 – 500


501 – 1,000




 All players who register through us will receive 30% rakeback by default. Moreover, grinders who rake above 1,000 USD/month can earn 40% rakeback. This is the best deal you can find online for the Israeli reservation. Moreover, we offer poker accounts for free and intermediate safe and secure transactions with no costs for the players.

In conclusion, Royal Diamond is the softest Israeli poker room and an excellent option for bum hunters, being suitable for both No Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games. We do not recommend the Israeli reservation to micro stakes players (since the lowest available games start with NL50$) nor to those who would like to multi-table (due to low traffic). However, if you join the tables during European evenings, you can find up to 100 connections and decent action up to mid stakes. Don’t hesitate to contact us to request your account and start playing now against weak recreational players from Israel.

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