Red Argentina de Poker – RAP Poker Network Review and Rakeback

  • Room – Brasil Poker Club
  • Network – Red Argentina de Poker
  • Rakeback – up to 30%
  • Rake – 5% cap up to $10
  • Trackers Support – no
  • Cashier – via RakebackAce
  • VPN – not needed
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Which is the best poker site for RAP Poker Network?

Red Argentina de Poker is a local Latin American network with very soft games. Most of the traffic comes from recreational players from Argentina and other south-American countries. RakebackAce has conducted a RAP Poker Network review that presents all the important elements you need to know before requesting your account.

Latin-American networks are known to be very profitable for grinders worldwide. RAP Poker is the third south-American network with very soft games, after Bodog/Ignition (ex-Bovada) and Aconcagua Poker.

An exclusive benefit for non-Latin American players is that they can receive free poker accounts on request at the Argentinian site. On top of this, a competitive rakeback deal is provided by RakebackAce, based on player volume and performance.

The best poker site for joining RAP is Brasil Poker Club. Here you will receive the best rakeback deal and lowest cash out fees applicable for withdrawals. Contact us to request an account and start playing now.

RAP Poker Traffic

According to PokerScout, Red Argentina de Poker stands on the 38th place in online traffic leaderboard based on data provided by the networks. On a weekly basis you might see around 100 players online on average at all hours, while peak traffic shows more than 200 connections for cash games. However, we have to take into consideration that European time zone is different than South-American one. Even so, most action takes place at cash games.

RAP offers multiple type of games: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Tournaments and Sit and Go. All games run in Argentine Peso, also known as ARS. 1 ARS= 0.033 USD. Therefore, if you would like to deposit 200$, you will receive around 6,000 ARS.

Our Red Argentina de Poker Review has analyzed RAP traffic as well just before the midnight (European time) when we expected a decent traffic for the Latin Poker Network.

RAP No Limit Texas Holdem cash games traffic was the following:

·        Low Stakes – 3 NL12 ARS 6-max + 3 NL24 ARS 6-max tables

·        Medium Stakes – 2 NL48 ARS 6-max + 2 NL120 ARS 6-max + 1 9-max NL48 ARS tables

·        High Stakes – 2 NL600 ARS 6-max + 1 NL2,400 6-max cash games tables

RAP Pot Limit Omaha traffic found after 11 PM (European time) is the following:

·        Low Stakes – 2 PLO2 ARS 6-max + 1 PLO6 ARS 6-max + 1 PLO6 ARS 9-max + 1 PLO12 ARS 6-max tables

·        Medium Stakes – 1 PLO48 6-max + 1 PLO72 6-max tables

·        High Stakes – 1 PLO600 6-max + 1 PLO360 6-max tables

When we analyzed tournaments, we have noticed there are plenty of freerolls offered to the players. Thus, beginners can even profit from this freerolling and benefit from free poker bankroll. While some players search for no deposit bonuses, harvesting freerolls is another way to start playing online without risking your own money.

Besides poker freerolls, there are plenty of guaranteed tournaments and with many features such as rebuys, satellites or turbo. The highest buy-ins available for satellites are 132 ARS for Metal Game X Edition satellite. SNGs are also available for Heads Up, single tables or multi-tables but traffic is low.

How to register and play on RAP Poker Network?

Red Argentina de Poker hosts mostly Latin American players with a big focus on Argentinian local market. However, RakebackAce offers access to worldwide players on the third South-American Network. Therefore, even though you will enjoy playing against weak recreational players who only want to have some fun, you can request an account from any country.

How does it work?

To register at RAP, you need to contact us on skype and request an account. We will order an account for you that you will receive in less than 24 hours. There are no country restrictions and VPN is not required to install the poker software and login into the client.

Players from all countries are invited to take benefit from this rare opportunity on bum hunting on a small Latin American network where even regulars are weak and easy to defeat.

RAP Poker Software – Why you can play without using a VPN

We have tested ourselves RAP Poker Software and it is very easy to download and install. The software is offered by Connective Games and looks pretty well. The client for desktop version is pretty straightforward and user friendly, very comfortable for multi-tabling. Traffic is not very high to allow multi-tabling, but the software allows you to tile tables and you can even combine more stakes when bum hunting.

Poker Trackers Support

Poker trackers such as Holdem Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4 are not supported by RAP software. Therefore, a hand converter is needed to be able to use HUD at the tables. However, RakebackAce also offers hand converters as discounted prices for RAP, as you can notice from our poker software section.

An important aspect is that players receive accounts directly from our agency. Therefore, VPN is not required for non-Latin American players. European bum hunters can easily login and open the poker lobby without any headache brought by IP restrictions. Therefore, they can easily play at RAP Poker without any issues.

How to deposit at RAP Poker Network?

Red Argentina de Poker deposits and withdrawals are handled by RakebackAce. RAP does not offer direct cashier, but we have our own agency from which we can credit money to player’s account. All transactions are safe and secure and processed fast. For withdrawals there is a small fee applicable to cash outs, but it won’t affect players since they will win a lot from bum hunting on this soft network anyways.

Red Argentina de Poker Rake and Rakeback

RAP Poker uses a pretty standard weighted contributed rake method. Therefore, no rake is redistributed from winning players to losing ones. The system is pretty fair and equitable for all players.

Rake at RAP is 5% while depending on the stakes, rake cap can go up to 10$.

The most thrilling part of our Red Argentina de Poker review is the special deal offered by RakebackAce. Since very few other poker sites offer rakeback at RAP and most of them do not offer more than 20%, working with a trustworthy and qualified poker partner can bring you great results, on top of our outstanding custom rakeback deal for our players. We reward our grinders with an outstanding up to 30% rakeback at RAP as follows:

Rake Requirement

Rakeback %

Rakeback Payment Method

0 – 300$


Poker Account



Poker Account



Poker Account

On top of our exclusive rakeback deal for RAP, players also benefit from an exciting rake race that takes place every single month. RAP poker promotion is called Carrera de Puntos and rewards players twice a month based on 4 different levels as follows:

Rake Race Level

Eligible Stakes (ARS)

Guaranteed Prize Pool & Rewards (ARS)

Micro Level

0.10/0.20 – 0.5/1


Low Level

½ – 3/6


Medium Level

4/8  – 15/30


High Level

20/40 – 100/200


First Carrera de puntos rake race takes place between 1st and 14th of the month, while the second one starts from 16th until the end of the month. Total prizes accorded on a monthly basis at RAP through rake race are 800,000 ARS.

RAP Poker Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Red Argentina de Poker is an excellent choice for Texas Holdem and Omaha cash grinders that can easily bum hunt or even grind at peak hours on this soft Latin American network. RAP is also suitable for beginners who want to benefit from free poker bankrolls from the vast choice of freerolls offered by the network. All in all, a decent grinder can get up to 50% total rakeback if he rakes more than 500$, getting the maximum share from us as well as harvesting the Carrera de puntos rake race that takes place two times per month. Contact us to request your RAP Poker account and start playing now on a network with soft player pool.

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