Best Winning Poker Network Skins: Pokerking Rakeback

  • Room – PokerKing
  • Network – Winning Poker Network (WPN)
  • Rakeback – up to 70%
  • Rake – 5% cap $0.5 - $3
  • Trackers Support – yes
  • Cashier – direct
  • VPN – not needed
Pokerking Network

PokerKing and Winning Poker Network Review

Pokerking is one of the best Winning Poker Network skins, among Black Chip Poker and PokerHost. The US-based off-shore poker network has been increasing a lot due to its No Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games traffic and games, where you can play against recreational US players. Pokerking is the premium online poker room for WPN, players having the change to benefit from dozens of poker bonuses, promotions and a Pokerking rakeback up to 70% on aggregate. is owned and operated by King Enterprises N.V, a private company licensed in Curacao.

WPN Skins

As compared with two of the other Winning Poker network skins, Black Chip Poker and PokerHost, Pokerking offers not only a straightforward VIP system, where you can easily assess how much rakeback you get, but also a multitude of poker bonuses and promotions that boost your overall rakeback up to an insane 70% cashback at WPN.

Therefore, we can assume that Pokerking is the flagship of WPN and here you can find the best rakeback deals for Winning Poker Network. However, if you already have an account at Pokerking or are restricted to play here, we can offer competitive rakeback deals for WPN on other Winning Poker Network skins.

Traffic Review of the Winning Poker Network

According to PokerScout, WPN currently stands in top 10 leaderboard based on worldwide online poker sites traffic report. The US-based poker network has around 800 cash games players based on last week average and more than 1,300 connections at peak hours. To this traffic we also have to add MTTs which are also available. Actually, WPN used to have some big guaranteed tournaments, mostly customized to attract recreational players, which were even competing with Pokerstars Sunday Millions GTDs.

Winning Poker Network offers a decent traffic for both No Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games. You can find plenty of tables for micro stakes and a few for small up to mid stakes. Occasionally you can get action up to NL 10,000$. For the fans of mass-grinding, we have to add into our Pokerking review the option for multi-tabling, for both Texas Holdem and Omaha cash games.

When RakebackAce conducted this Pokerking review at random time, not peak hours, we have noticed the following traffic for No Limit Texas Holdem cash games:

NLH Traffic

·        Micro stakes (Up to NL25): 12 9-max Texas Holdem tables, 24 6-max No Limit Holdem tables and 5 Heads Up Tables

·        Low Stakes (NL50 – NL100): 6 9-max NLHE tables, 2 6-max NLHE tables, 5 HU tables

·        Medium Stakes (NL200 – NL600): 4 6-max No Limit Texhas Holdem full tables, 22 HU tables running

·        High Stakes (NL1K – NL10K): 1 NL1K full 9-max No Limit Texas Holdem table, 2 6-max NL1K NLHE tables, 4 NL1K Heads Up tables running

Please keep in mind that US time zone is different than European so you can find more traffic during the evenings and even at the midnight than in the middle of the day.

PLO Traffic

When it comes to Pot Limit Omaha cash games traffic, our PokerKing review has found the following games running:

·        Micro stakes (Up to PLO 25): 6 short-handed and 3 PLO heads up tables running

·        Low Stakes (PLO 50 – PLO 100): 2 PLO50 6-max tables and 3 PLO heads up tables running

·        Medium Stakes (PLO 200 – PLO 600): 8 Pot Limit Omaha 6-max tables and 7 full PLO heads up tables running

·        High Stakes (PLO1K-PLO10K): Only 1 player waiting at several tables for others to join

As we’ve mentioned above, maybe the most impressive MTTs are the tournaments offered by Pokerking that have 1,000,000$ guaranteed prizes. There are several ways to get into these tournaments, from paying the full buy in to participating into several satellites with lower buy ins, so that it is affordable for everyone.

SNG Traffic

SNG traffic is also available. Even some free money poker games have been added like 10$ freeroll on demand SNGs. Since our expertise focuses mostly on No Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games, we are not very familiarized with SNGs buy-ins and type of games but Pokerking offers a wide range of SNGs to choose from.  It’s interesting that Pokerking even offers heads up and hyper turbo heads up SNGs with buy ins up to 400$.

Last but not the least, besides the fact that Pokerking provides you the opportunity to play against US poker players, it also offers some other features that might attract recreational players such as:

·        Pokerking Treasures

·        Sports Betting and Casino games

Pokerking Treasures is a special promotion that rewards players based on a jackpot. The specifics of this jackpot is that there is not any extra rake taken from the pots. Instead, 1/3 of the rake taken from each pot higher than 0.06$ goes into the jackpot. In this way, recreational players are stimulated to gamble money at the poker tables by getting their share of the jackpot.

By offering sports betting and casino games directly from the poker lobby, Pokerking attracts gambers to play poker as well and also creates a cross-selling tool for their sports betting and casino clients. Thus, while running special promotions for sports betting and casino, amateurs might like also joining the poker tables since they are gamble addicts.

However, as compared with other two gambling segments, online poker is less rewarding and found to be more boring from recreational players’ perspective. Therefore, nowadays poker grinders worldwide decide to do bum hunting to search for fish, especially at higher stakes.

All in all, our Pokerking traffic review shows us that the room is perfect for No Limit Holdem Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games, with very solid traffic for micro stakes and decent traffic at low and medium stakes but with some action at high stakes also from time to time. MTTs are also offered with high guaranteed tournaments, therefore Winning Poker Network has a good reason from being among top 10 online poker networks in terms of traffic.

Are there any country restrictions at PokerKing?

Winning Poker Network is an off-shore operator that hosts online poker games with decent traffic for Texas Holdem and Omaha. The specifics of this network is that WPN allows US players, one of the few places where you can play against residents from USA. However, European players are also accepted.

Winning Poker Networks skins might have different policies when it comes to who can play poker online on their site. There are several countries restricted for every online poker room and also they get updated pretty often. Therefore, Winning Poker Network skins might have different country restrictions and the best solution if you want to play at WPN is to read our online poker room reviews and contact us to check if you can play from a certain territory on a particular poker site. It’s interesting that even though WPN is an US friendly poker network, however Pokerking does not accept players from US, but you can play with US fish at the poker tables.

Pokerking has updated their list of country restrictions as follows:

United States and United States Territories, Spain and Spanish Territories, Belgium, France and French Territories, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece and Bulgaria

Please be advised that before registering and playing at Pokerking, you should contact us to double check if you are allowed to play here because country restrictions might change from time to time and it’s safer to always check before taking any action.

What is the software like?

Pokerking does not use any own proprietary software. Therefore, the online poker room uses the same software as all the other Winning Poker Network skins, which is perfectly suitable for multi-tabling and grinding both NL Texas Holdem and PL Omaha cash games.

WPN uses a poker software that is user friendly and has several features:

·        Double or Nothing

·        Auto Buy-In

·        Straddle Tables

·        Late Registration

·        Auto Top Up

·        Preferred Seating

·        Multi-tabling

·        Hand for Hand

·        Final Table Graphics

·        Time Bank

Another special feature offered by Pokerking software is that it allows to rank players based on their skill. Therefore, unlike most other online poker rooms or networks, you have the chance to assess how good your opponent is before playing against him.

Pokerking mission is to provide a fair and secure gaming environment by improving transparency and eliminating unfair practices. Pokerking CEO, Vinko Dobrosevic is a former online poker player and is committed to improve user experience for recreational players: “For years, as a software provider, I have watched professional players turn into poker operators, hijacking the industry and preying on you, the recreational player. This reason, more than any other, is why PokerKing exists today.”

It is noticeable that Pokerking supports all poker trackers, both Holdem Manager 2 and Poker Tracker 4. Therefore, hand converters are not required since you can use your HUD at the poker tables.

PokerKing RNG has been reviewed by iTech Labs who have concluded the reliability of the software used, showing that it exceeds industry best practices and is properly managed

Deposits and Withdrawals 

Players can deposit directly to PokerKing, without any intermediary. They can use most common payment methods for iGaming industry such as, but not limited to Skrill, Neteller bank cards or other eWallet accounts. Cashouts are processed fast, within a few business days. Account verification might be required for players when they cashout. They shall provide a copy of their indentity card or passport with all four edges visible and a proof of address, showing that they have registered from a legal jurisdiction and that they are the account owners. Usually, either a bank statement or utility bill is used for such purposes.

Since Pokerking is one of the most secure online poker rooms and Winning Poker Network skins, it is recommended that the e-mail used for registration to be the same with your Skrill/Neteller account used for withdrawals.

Cashouts are free of charge if they are limited to 1 cashout per month. Players who abuse of cashouts will be charged with 7% per withdrawal. This is usually deducted from affiliate’s commission but might affect extra rakeback/rewards plans. Therefore, we recommend our players not to make more than 1 withdrawal per month if possible.

Pokerking strives to become one of the leading Winning Poker Network skins by also providind an excellent customer support, available 24/7.

Rakeback at PokerKing and WPN

The most exciting part of our Pokerking review shows why the online poker room is one of the most rewarding Winning Poker Network skins.

WPN uses a weighted contributed rake method, which is common for most poker operators. Therefore, it does not use a rake redistribution methods aimed to reduce player benefits like other online poker networks such as iPoker, Microgaming or GG Network.

Rake at Pokerking is 5%, with rake cap values from 0.5$ up to 3$, depending on the stakes and number of players as you can notice from the table below. An interesting element is that rake is very low both in percentages and rake cap value for high stakes players. Therefore, it is very profitable for NL1K+ players to bum hunt or grind at Pokerking.








2 Players

3 Players

4 Players

5-9 Players

$0.01/$0.02 – $1.00/$2.00

$0.01 for each $0.20 in pot






$2.00/$4.00 – $4.00/$8.00

$0.05 for each $1.00 in pot






$5.00/$10.00 and above

$0.25 for each $1.00 in pot






Rakeback structure is solid at Pokerking and consists of several revenue streams, thus maximizing Pokerking rakeback and rewarding them with up to 70% cashback within Winning Poker Network (WPN).

First of all, new players are rewarded with a 100% up to 777$ first deposit bonus, clearing at about 27% rakeback. The poker bonus is released in 2$ increments, for every 135 status points.

Is any bonus code required for receiving Pokerking deposit bonus?

No, Pokerking welcome bonus is released automatically while playing. However, as Pokerking offers 24/7 live support, you can ask their help if you experience any issues.

Is there any no deposit bonus code available at Pokerking?

At the moment Pokerking does not offer any no deposit bonuses but the network offers several promotions and free poker bankroll through monthly freerolls that it makes it affordable to try even for beginners.

Is there any rakeback besides welcome bonus?

Well, yes, but if we are at the bonuses section, let’s also mention that unlimited reload bonuses are available every month. Players get up to 200$ reload bonuses that can be released at a 10% rakeback equivalence.

On top of first deposit and reload bonus, players can earn up to 40% Pokerking rakeback via VIP system.

VIP Level

Status Points

Rake Requirement



Below 2,000



















To understand better how PokerKing VIP loyalty system works, we have to mention that rakeback is paid directly into player’s account on a monthly basis, the maximum rakeback being 40%. 6.6 status points are earned for every 1$ generated rake. Afterwards, based on the VIP status/level, status points are multiplied with the FPPs point multiplier. An average outcome of how much rakeback players receive can also be noticed through the table below which approximates not only rakeback, but also status points. The exchange from FPPs into cash can be made anytime depending on the VIP status.

Micro stakes players might benefit from increased cashback, by replacing their VIP status with 27% flar rakeback. Thus, for those who do not reach the 30% rakeback via VIP system, we boost them directly to that amount, but they need to contact us to manually set up their accounts accordingly.

To summarize, the main revenue streams that help you maximize your Pokerking rakeback are the following:

·        Pokerking Deposit Bonus: 100% up to 777$ released in increments

·        Unlimited Reload Bonus: up to 200$ monthly, equivalent to 10% extra rakeback

·        VIP rakeback: Up to 40% based on VIP level

·        Pokerking Promotions: Up to 10% extra rakeback (such as PokerKing Treasures)

·        RakebackAce Rewards: Up to 10% extra rakeback.

We have already mentioned below the Pokerking Promotions and especially Pokerking Treasures which brings extra value to players without taking any extra rake from them. 1/3 of the rake generated at cash games is redistributed into a jackpot that rewards players if they hit the jackpot with extra prizes. Therefore, all players are automatically subscribed to Pokerking Treasures promotion.

Thus, while reload bonus is active and ongoing, on aggregate players can get up to 70% rakeback at Pokerking, probably one of the best Winning Poker Network skins. Contact us for details or if you need any help.

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