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Best Rakeback Deals and Bonuses at South American Poker Sites

Aconcagua Poker

Private Deal

Aconcagua is a soft South-American Network with juicy games for NLHE. Contact us to get a free account there and start playing.

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Red Argentina de Poker

rakeback 30%

RAP is the second South-American Network with free accounts. RakebackAce players are rewarded with 30% flat rakeback.

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Online poker operators who handle their activities into South American countries and focus mostly on bringing traffic from these countries enter this category. Usually, Latin American poker sites do not allow international players to join. However, there are either exceptions to this rule or alternatives created for worldwide poker grinders to join the local Latin American reservations.

Top 3 Latin American Poker Sites

Currently, the most popular LATAM operators where you can find the highest traffic and softest field are the following:

·        Bodog Poker

·        Aconcagua Poker

·        Red Argentina de Poker (RAP)

Bodog Poker ( is available for Canada and LATAM players from following countries: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia. RakebackAce offers accounts to international players as well for mid up to high stakes grinders with a monthly fee. This is profitable because the games are very good for high stakes and you can take advantage of this soft traffic. We help you configure VPNs through a secure connection that requires a complex technical to do list.

Aconcagua Poker is the second largest South American poker network with good games for Holdem and Omaha cash games. The network is most suitable for micro and low stakes grinders but at peak hours you can also bum hunt at higher stakes. The specifics of this local reservation is that accounts are free of charge for international players who have to pay only a small fee when they request cash outs. VPN is required without complex configuration. We help players configure their VPNs and also offer a 50% discount for buying a hand converter that lets them use the HUD at the tables.

Red Argentina de Poker is the third LATAM network in terms of traffic for cash games. The peak traffic is during European evenings, when you can multi-table at micros and low stakes. However, the network is good especially for bum hunters who can request an account from us free of charge. Also, they can receive the account right after they sent deposit and can play without having to use a VPN. A hand converter is also available on request with a huge discount of 50%. 

We recommend the Latin American poker sites above for players who are searching for soft Holdem and Omaha cash games and focus rather on increasing their win rate at the tables than on maximizing rakeback deals. We offer best conditions to join these LATAM reservations by providing complex technical support as well as free accounts for Aconcagua and RAP. Contact us to request an account at Bodog, Aconcagua and Red Argentina de Poker and start playing now against weak recreational players from South American countries.