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Best Rakeback and Bonuses for Italian Poker Sites in 2018

People’s Poker

rakeback up to 35%

People’s Poker is an Italian Network with soft traffic and solid rakeback deals. RakebackAce offers 30% flat rakeback by default.

Peoples Poker Network Logo


rakeback 15%

iPoker.IT is an Italian Poker reservation of mainstream European operator RakebackAce offers up 15% rakeback.

Ipokerit Network

Italian Poker Sites Overview

Italian players are considered to be among the weakest opponents, mostly from their passion for gambling. They usually like to combine sports betting, casino and poker games and grinders worldwide are interested to play with them. RakebackAce offers access to international players to the softest Italian reservations.

Best Italian Poker Sites and Networks

Our players can join the following rooms/networks:

·        PokerStars.IT

·        Peoples Poker

·        iPoker.IT

·        PlanetWin365.IT

·        Bwin.IT

·        Lottomatica.IT

·        888.IT

·        Dollaro (DBG) Poker

Peoples Poker

Peoples Poker is the largest Italian reservation after Pokerstars.IT, with soft games for Holdem and Omaha cash games. It does not focus too much on MTTs where the traffic is rather low. It is the best choice for international players who can benefit from the lowest fees and play without any VPN. It’s a very good place to grind for micro up to medium stakes players.

We currently offer access to the Italian Reservation through the following skins:

·        MonkeyBet.IT

·        PokerYes.IT

·        StanleyBet.IT

·        NewGioco.IT

·        BetSense.IT


iPoker.IT is the third largest Italian reservation also recommended for Holdem and Omaha cash games grinders. The disadvantage is that being a subsidiary of the European operator, the rake is also calculated from RPV, thus players getting less rewards than the actual rake paid.

IPoker.IT is opened to international players through the following iPoker skins:

·        Snai.IT

·        Golgol.IT

·        EuroBet.IT

PlanetWin365.IT, Bwin.IT and Lottomatica. IT have lower action for cash games but can also be good for bum hunting. We offer safe and secure access to these Italian reservations as well for international players with low fees.

Dollaro (DBG) Poker

Dollaro is the most popular Italian brand known for the softness of the games. It is a common practice for amateurs to rent account from internet coffee shops. The specific of this network is that it works like a private network where you can only join by depositing through an agent. There have been a lot of rumors of unfair practices and some skins have been closed after a scandal in which they were involved. Currently, it is much harder to join the Italian reservation and the conditions are more restrictive. However, if you are interested, get in touch with us to discuss how you can play at DBG Poker.

Best Italian Poker Rakeback Deals

Below you can find our current offer for Italian Poker Sites. High rake volume players can contact us to discuss personalized offers. New rakeback deals will be added soon for the other Italian reservations. Meanwhile, you can get in touch with us to discuss your request through skype or live chat. Our team is looking forward to help you and solve your query by providing you the proper solution for your games.