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Rakeback Deals and Bonuses at Israeli Poker Sites


rakeback up to 45%

GoldPokerPro is a small Israeli poker room with low traffic and players mostly from Israel and Eastern Europe.

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Royal Diamond Poker

rakeback up to 40%

Royal Diamond is the softest Israeli poker room and a great option for bum hunters, being suitable for both NLH and PLO.

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Poker AA (ClubPoker)

rakeback up to 45%

Israeli poker room with traffic mostly from Eastern Europe that is suitable for bum hunting Texas Holdem and Omaha cash games.

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Israeli Poker Sites Overview

Israeli Poker Sites are acting as independent online poker rooms after the biggest operator, Pokerstars, has decided to leave their country in late 2016 and seek for better business opportunities. Immediately after this, new brands have appeared and started to dominate the local market, bringing also traffic from Eastern Europe countries.

Best Israeli Poker Sites

The best Israeli Poker rooms are the following:

·        GoldPokerPro

·        Poker AA (ClubPoker)

·        Royal Diamond Poker


GoldPokerPro is the most popular local reservation, being the first independent operator that launched its website on the Israeli market. It currently has the highest traffic and hosts mostly Holdem and Omaha cash games. At peak hours, you can find more than 100 connections online.

Royal Diamond Poker

Royal Diamond is part of the local reservation, being the most recently released website. It impresses with its nice graphics and is currently the second in traffic for cash games. As compared with GoldPokerPro and Poker AA, Royal Diamond Poker is the softest Israeli reservation, where you can find almost only recreational players.

Poker AA – ClubPoker

PokerAA is the third largest Israeli reservation with small traffic for Holdem and Omaha cash games. However, at peak hours there is soft action for PLO, thus being a smart choice for bum hunting. Almost all regulars are rather weak, so it’s easier to exploit your opponents than on mainstream poker sites. It is a very good choice for low and mid stakes PLO grinders.

Why join Israeli Poker Sites?

If you are looking for huge traffic and mass grinding, Israeli reservations are not for you. It is important to know from the very beginning that traffic is low on all Israeli sites. Nevertheless, they are very suitable for low and mid stakes cash games grinders, where you can find good games for both Texas Holdem and Omaha 6-max cash games. They are very good especially for bum hunters, who can find good action at peak hours, which are usually in the European evenings. Israeli reservations are way softer than mainstream European poker sites.


Players cannot use HUD at the tables because no tracker is supported by the software. For those who are used to use statistics, it might be a disadvantage, but on the other side, you can easily exploit weaker players. VPN is not required and this is very good news for international players because they can register from any country by contacting us and requesting an account.

Best Rakeback Deals for Israeli Reservations

Besides the good games you can find here, RakebackAce also provides the best rakeback deals for worldwide players. Below you can find the details of our offer. Depending on player’s rake, one can earn up to 45% rakeback.