IDN Poker: Get at the largest Asian network

  • Room – Shen Poker
  • Network – IDN Poker Network
  • Rakeback – up to 50% (40% flat)
  • Rake – 3% uncapped
  • Trackers Support – no
  • Cashier – direct via eWallet
  • VPN – needed for several countries
ShenPoker IDN SKIN

Review of IDN Network and Shen Poker skin

IDN Poker is the largest Asian online poker network and the second biggest worldwide network after Amaya’s primary brand, Pokerstars. Covering a huge and fast growing market of Asian countries, IDN Poker has quickly surpassed many of the mainstream networks that were dominating the online poker environments for years. Therefore, suddenly, the new Asian boom has helped IDN Poker Network reach the 2nd position in online poker traffic leaderboard, according to reputable website that shows the updated values of traffic based on data provided by the networks.

IDN Poker focuses mostly on customers from the following countries such as, but not limited to:

China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal etc.

Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons when such boom arises.


·        Insane traffic for cash games

·        Many recreational players

·        Massive win rates for cash grinders

·        Easiness of making money from weak players


·        Many unreliable providers and skins

·        Fear regarding depositing on untested sites

·        Rumors about being a bot network and/or hosting rigged games

First of all, yes, IDN Poker Network has an insane traffic, which is obvious for every newbie if he checks Pokerscout reports. At the moment this IDN Poker review was made there were more than 16,000 connections online with 7,600 cash games players.

Soft field

Secondly, it is easy to notice that most of the opponents are easily exploitable since they call almost any shove pre flop or do not know how to value bet. Basically, you are facing weak opponents, probably playing from their iOS devices with the lowest buy-in possible and clicking buttons. While variance can be higher, the games are extremely soft and easy, without having to think about complicated game strategies. It is the best place to play ABC poker while watching a movie or listening to your favorite band. Even if you play fit or fold and only push or fold pre, you should still print money on this network, at least for micro stakes.

When it comes about the rumors, we have a news article regarding this which proves the reliability of IDN software which has been tested by BMM Compliance Singapore Ltd on 13th October 2015, eliminating any doubts of their integrity. Thus, our IDN Poker review shows that they use a trustworthy software that cannot be contested by any third parties without making fake allegations.

Skins of IDN Network

Last but not the least, we have to admit that there are some good and bad skins at IDN Poker Network. We advise players to carefully assess each one because some of them are not safe. For instance, All In Asia has not only been in the center of a 2+2 poker thread scandal, but we have good reasons to believe they are deceiving both players and affiliate by not paying their fair cut as promised. Therefore, RakebackAce avoids such skins that can be harmful for poker players and affiliates. We are only working with trusted poker sites that have proven to be reliable. Our IDN Poker review has been conducted to help players choose the best IDN skins to play on.

For IDN Poker, we only recommend Shen Poker because they are processing payments as agreed and use a two factor security when you login on their website. Thus, nobody can login on your account with your credentials. It is very safe and we recommend players not to register on random sites before securing their accounts or they might jeopardize their poker bankroll for no reason.

Traffic on the IDN Poker Network

IDN Poker traffic has been increasing month by month, reaching the 2nd position in Pokerscout standings and keeping it for a long time already. With almost 20,000 players online, more than 10,000 cash games players at peak hours and 5,000 cash games average number of players on a weekly basis, IDN is by far the largest Asian poker network and second network in the world after Pokerstars.

Choice of Games

IDN is offering a wide choice of games, from Texas Holdem to Omaha, Domino, CEME, Capsa Susun, Super10. However, most of the traffic comes from Texas Holdem cash games. A specific of this network is that it has huge volume for 9-max cash games as well, whereas most mainstream poker operators focus mostly on 6-max action.

It’s almost impossible to tell you the exactly traffic for each type of game or stakes because there are hundreds of full tables at IDN almost at any hour. So we feel overwhelmed of their traffic which makes it impossible to review it individually, per each type of game and stakes.

Field and Traffic

However, what we can tell is that you can find any games you want for whatever games you want at any hour of day or night. You can even grind all the day while watching your favorite sitcoms or while reading a book because games are way easier than you are familiarized with. Here nobody isolates you, nobody 3-bets, the population is 99% lose passive so you can simply value bet and even over bet when you are ahead. If you shove pre flop, at least 3-4 guys will call with garbage hands making it very profitable. Since most opponents join with 20bbs, we have come to the conclusion that at least for micro stakes you can simply play push or fold pre flop. Therefore, IDN Poker Network is not just bringing insane value for cash grinders but it is a very well choice for sit and go addicts who can crush these kind of 20bbs games.

All in all, IDN Poker traffic is consistent and you should not face any issue grinding on this network.

Can I play on IDN Poker Network from any country?

Yes, you can join IDN Poker from any jurisdiction. The only question is how you can do that from each specific country. Basically, you can register at Shen Poker using our links below from any country that is accepted. For restricted countries you can still play, meaning that you are allowed to make deposits and withdrawals but for opening the poker lobby, you simply have to use a VPN configured with the IP from an approved country.

Which are the restricted countries from which I need to use a VPN to join IDN Poker?

The list of restricted countries from which you can only play by using a VPN is the following:

1. Armenia

2. Belgium

3. Czech Republic

4. Denmark

5. Estonia

6. France

7. Germany

8. Hungary

10. Iran

11. Ireland

12. Italy

13. Lebanon

14. Netherlands

15. North Korea

16. Philippines

17. Poland

18. Portugal

19. Romania

20. Serbia

21. Singapore

22. Spain

23. UK

24. Ukraine

25. USA

Please keep in mind that this does not mean you are not allowed to play at Shen Poker – IDN Poker Network from these countries. You can play but you have to use a VPN to be able to access the poker tables. This means that you are allowed to play but your IPs from the countries above cannot visualize the lobby.

When you join IDN Poker, you will notice that you can only play at one table per one account. Does this mean you are limited to one single table? Of course not. This limit was only imposed to bring more recreational players at the tables, fact from which both poker rooms and players take profit in the end. However, regulars can still multi-table as many tables as they want. How they can do that? They simply have to register multiple accounts and contact us to confirm tracking for each of their accounts.

After accounts have been confirmed, they can start playing at as many tables as accounts they have created by opening every new account from a different web browser. For example, an UK grinder can join IDN Poker and play on 6 6-max cash tables simultaneously from different web browsers as follows:

·        Account 1 – Google Chrome

·        Account 2 – Mozilla Firefox

·        Account 3 – Safari

·        Account 4 – Internet Explorer

·        Account 5 – Opera

·        Account 6 – Vivaldi

As you can see, it is not complicated at all. All you have to do is to open as many tables you want from different accounts you created and tile the tables manually. Also, make sure your PC is good enough to support as many resources as IDN Poker software has many graphic elements that might boost your CPU usage up to 100%. At the very least, with a decent desktop or laptop you should be able to grind at least 4 tables without any issues.

IDN Currency

IDN currency is IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) where 1 USD= 14,644.00 IDR. We suggest using for calculating the updated exchange rates for this currency. Shen Poker uses also another currency called MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) where 1 MYR=0.24 USD. However, all games run into IDR, this other currency is only used for your account balance, most likely because Shen Poker is a Malaysian operator. They are actually operating under PACGOR license (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation).

Where does traffic come from?

All countries are accepted on IDN network, but most of the traffic comes from Asian countries: China, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia, South Korea etc. Therefore, by playing at Shen Poker you will be facing a lot of Asian recreational players, most of them joining the tables with only 20bbs. From our research this is a common practice for Chinese players and other Asian countries and they do it exactly the same when playing live poker. We have not yet understood where this pattern comes from in their culture, but it’s always interesting to discover new things about how people act. What was extremely surprising for us was that almost all of them enter with same buy in and only western players join the tables with the normal 100bbs.

We strongly believe that this pattern of Asian players has been used by some players to create these rumors on forums of a rigged bot network. What is interesting is that some people are not interested to check themselves the facts but blindly trust opinions of others. We were very close to be tricked by this fact until we discovered this is a common pattern for Asian players.

What software is available?

IDN Poker software offers both in-browsers and mobile versions, desktop version is not available. Mobile versions are available for both Android and iOS devices and many recreational players join games from their smartphones or tablets because it bring the fun and excitement back at the poker tables. The in-browser software is mostly accessed by regulars who want to multi-table using several web browsers. While IDN software consumes many resources, you can easily multi-table with a good PC. Please be careful and monitor your CPU usage, if it is too high then some tables will be frozen and you will have to quit some tables to resume play. From time to time it has been noticed that the browser version of the software has some bugs such as players disappearing from the table while he is still there and betting without seeing his entire stack at the tables.

Our IDN Poker review has shown that IDN poker software is not the best we have seen so far in the industry. However, it is more close to an online social poker network like Zynga poker than it is familiar with mainstream networks. The software has been created mostly for recreational players but still has some errors which make it hard to use by more experienced grinders. All in all, we believe that the quality of the games compensate the issues you might experience from the software.

On top of it, Shen Poker, which is our trusted IDN poker partner uses a two factor authentication when you login into your account. This increases security and makes your account safe to use.

Poker Trackers Support

Poker trackers such as Holdem Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4 are not supported by IDN software. On the other hand VPN is required for players from the following countries: Armenia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Netherlands, North Korea, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania , Serbia, Singapore, Spain, UK, Ukraine, USA.

Players can acquire some of the best VPNs available on the market from here visiting our VPN section. 

How can I deposit at IDN Poker?

Our IDN Poker review shows that Shen Poker accepts deposits and withdrawals by using both eWallets Skrill and Neteller. If any of them is deactivated, you can contact us and deposit through us directly at IDN Poker. Cashouts are processed fast, in less than 24 hours via eWallet accounts and during 3-5 business days for wire transfer. We strongly advise our customers to use wire transfer option because it works very fast at Shen Poker and it is free of charge. Therefore, unlike Skrill and Neteller where some fees are applicable for inter-user transfers, withdrawals are not charged at all for wire transfer.

Unlike many other networks that might ban your account and where you risk your bankroll being confiscated, Shen Poker allows you to deposit on IDN from any country. So players who have to use VPN to open the poker lobby do not have to worry also regarding the risks of getting banned. Worst thing that can happen is that they cannot join the tables if their VPN is not working. However, due to our software partners, we are able to provide the best VPN solutions for online poker in 2018.

For players who would like to multi-table and have to open multiple accounts in order to join several tables through different web browsers, they shall be informed that they only have to use different e-mails at registration for technical reasons, in order to be able to login and validate their new accounts. However, they can use the same payment method for transactions for all their poker accounts.

Example: John Stuart Mill from UK opens 6 IDN Poker accounts: JeanValjean, Christ_89, john_obi, MikeSpencer, StuartMill and cheapfrog. He can open every single account using different web browsers such as, but not limited to: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, Vivaldi. When making deposits or withdrawals he can use the same e-mail he used to register his Skrill and Neteller eWallet accounts:

On top of this, we can also arrange direct transfers between several accounts of the same player on request. For instance, if a player wants to equilibrate balances and move money from his main account into his secondary accounts, we can manually transfer funds on his request for free.

How is rake calculated at IDN Poker?

IDN Network uses a Weighted Contributed Rake Method, one of the default methods used by most online poker rooms. Therefore, IDN does not use any redistribution rake method such as iPoker RPV rake, Microgaming True Value rake or GG Network’s Player Value Index. In this way, players will get a share cut from their contributed rake.

Rake is 3% for all stakes, uncapped. Some people like this, others complain about it. As all the features a room has, rake at Shen Poker has its pros and cons.


·        No-redistribution rake method

·        Low rake for cash games – only 3%

·        Straight forward rakeback


·        No rake cap

Rake and Rake Cap Review and Considerations

As you say, rake features more advantages than disadvantages. However, there are still some donkeys on poker forums who worry about rake being uncapped and thus too high they say. Well, first of all, 99% of them probably don’t have enough funds to play on VIP tables or high pots anyways, second of all, when you have the lowest rake % in the industry, it’s a little silly to complain. If you also add the very soft games you are facing on this network, capped vs uncapped debate becomes redundant.

Freedom of choice is guaranteed by any constitution but as Umberto Eco has quoted:  “Social media gives legions of idiots the right to speak when they once only spoke at a bar after a glass of wine, without harming the community.”

Therefore, for every idiot launching an un-harmful comment on a poker forum, we have to invest time bringing truth back to the community. In reality, we have active players complaining that their reported rake is too low at IDN Poker. And it really is. With only 3% taken from pots and almost 99% of the villains joining with the lowest buy-in possible of only 20bbs you will hardly rake anything on IDN Poker. Thus, in absolute numbers it would be hard to gain too much rakeback since the room charges that little rake amount.

Our players are actually begging the network to take more rake from them so that at the end of the month they can receive more rakeback in absolute numbers. I know it sounds insane right, why would you want to pay more rake just to get more rakeback when by not paying any rake you get maximum rakeback? Well, never underestimate human psychology. People prefer to get something back even if it’s from their own money. And IDN is not far from not taking almost any rake from players. So some grinders will feel better to pay 2,000 instead of 1,000 to the room just to get 800 back instead of 400.

Let’s move to the most exciting part of our IDN Poker review, the rakeback section.

After you register at Shen Poker and we confirm tracking of your poker account, you will automatically be subscribed to our monthly flat rakeback deal that rewards players with 40% cashback, no strings attached. Rakeback is paid on a monthly basis via Skrill into player’s eWallet account. Therefore, RakebackAce offers the highest flat rakeback deal for IDN Poker Network.

Is there any first deposit bonus available at Shen Poker?

While flat rakeback deal is active, players do not get any extra deposit bonus on top. To do that, it would mean to lower their flat rakeback deal and replace it with the default VIP system offered by the room. In this way, they would earn less rakeback on the long run since first deposit bonus expires after harvesting the bonus.

Can I earn even more rakeback at Shen Poker – IDN Network?

Yes, by playing with us you will also benefit from added cash prizes. Every single month a prize pool of 70,000 MYR is shared by IDN Poker players who play Texas Holdem cash games. So yes, these added cash prizes are only for cash grinders.

All our Shen Poker players are automatically subscribed to this exclusive monthly rake race. The rake race takes place very month and rewards players based on their position in the leaderboard. On the 5th of each month winning players will receive their prizes directly into their accounts, based on previous month performance. First 50 places are paid.

You can check below the leaderboard for Shen Poker 70,000 MYR rake race below:


Cash prize


8,823.50 MYR + VIP badge


4,411.80 MYR + VIP badge


2,205.90 MYR + VIP badge


10 735.30 MYR + VIP badge


50 VIP badge

By qualifying into the first 50 players for cash games on a monthly basis, we estimate an average of 10% extra rakeback from the rake race itself. Thus, while this exclusive poker promotion is active, players will get 50% rakeback on aggregate.

Until recently, IDN Poker did not offered any Omaha cash games. Since they’ve added them, there is insane value of grinding Omaha tables as well. Also, the same 40% flat rakeback deal applies for Omaha grinders. The games are very fishy, but also variance is pretty high, especially by the donkeys who join with lowest possible buy-in. At least for Texas Holdem, easiest way to adapt is to play solid, by either shoving pre flop directly, or min open raising with 2x and playing in position. Bluffing is never an option on IDN, these guys call no matter what they have on the board or without caring about their equity or potential odds. So never try bluffing the fish! Play solid and even if you face tons of bad beats, if you simply play ABC and never tilt, you will be printing money at the end of the day.

On top of your impressive win rate you can easily gain while playing solid poker calmly, you will also benefit from the highest available cashback at IDN Poker: 40% flat rakeback by simply registering using our sign up links at Shen Poker. Rakeback is paid on a monthly basis via Skrill during the first 10-15 days of the month for previous month performance.

Contact us if you need help configuring Shen Poker – IDN

If you need any help in configuring your Shen Poker – IDN Network account, don’t hesitate to contact us on skype and we will make your IDN Poker experience work smoothly. Don’t forget, by registering your poker account with us you will receive up to 50% total rakeback at Shen Poker (40% flat rakeback + 10% extra rakeback on average via our 70,000 MYR exclusive rake race) and you will have a qualified team of poker experts that will help you make safe and secure transactions between your accounts and deposit/withdraw without any fees while grinding on the largest Asian online poker network.

In conclusion, we strongly advise you to play Texas Holdem and Omaha cash games at Shen Poker due to the very soft field for 2018 and very good rakeback deal offered to you by RakebackAce, which is above what competition offers for the second online poker network in the world.

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