GoldPokerPro Review: Get Rakeback

  • Room – GoldPokerPro
  • Network – Independent
  • Rakeback – up to 45%
  • Rake – 4% cap 50 ILS
  • Trackers Support – no
  • Cashier – via RakebackAce
  • VPN – not needed
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GoldPokerPro Review

GoldPokerPro is a small Israeli poker room with low traffic and players mostly from Israel and Eastern Europe. After the biggest online poker brand, PokerStars, has decided to leave the local market in late 2016, there has been a trend of launching new independent Israeli poker sites such as: GoldPokerPro, Poker AA, Royal Diamond Poker or Poker55.

GoldPokerPro Currency

All games at GoldPokerPro run in Israeli Shekels (ISL), were 1 ISL= 0.28$, according to global currency converter

GoldPokerPro Traffic Report

The online poker room offers different games such as:

·        Texas Holdem

·        Omaha

·        Pineapple

·        All In or Fold Games

·        Stud

·        Tournaments

·        Sit & Go

·        Spins

According to our GoldPokerPro review, the main action takes place for Texas Holdem and Omaha cash games. Usually there are around 50 players online, but at peak hours there can be noticed more than 100 connections. Main traffic being from Eastern Europe, usually peak hours are during the evenings. Based on our review, we believe that the Israeli poker room is good for bum hunting, but not the best solution for grinding, due to the low traffic.

However, if you are mixing stakes or play on several rooms simultaneously, one can easily find 6 tables for both No Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games at several stakes. The highest available stakes are 100/200 ISL, which are equivalent to NL/PL5.5K. On the other side, the lowest stakes are 0.5/1 ISL which are equivalent to NL27$. Therefore, the only micro stakes action can be find at these stakes, there no games lower than NL25.


Game Format for Cash Games

An interesting element regarding the Israeli reservation is the format of tables for cash games which run as follows:

·        HU

·        6-max

·        8-max

Therefore, the full ring games at GoldPokerPro are replaced by the 8-max version of the game.

The main action takes place at NL/PL2 up to NL/PL10 (ISL).

Who can play at GoldPokerPro?

Being a small independent online poker room, GoldPokerPro allows players from any country to join the Israeli poker reservation. Although most of the traffic comes from Israel, everybody is allowed to join.

GoldPokerPro country restrictions

Since accounts are offered from the agency, there are no country restrictions at GoldPokerPro.

GoldPokerPro Account Registration

Even though registration is open for players worldwide, accounts can only be requested through agent. Thus, if you are willing to request a poker account at the Israeli poker room, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is there any risk by joining an Israeli reservation?

Since the Israeli site does not have any country restrictions, there is no risk to join. Players do not have to worry about getting banned if they are not involved in any fraudulent activity such as, but not limited to collusion or chip dumping.

Moreover, players do not have any limitations according to national laws because accounts are created directly from the agency and no real data is used when creating them, anonymizing user activity.

GoldPokerPro Software and Trackers Support

The Israeli site uses several versions of the poker software:

·        Desktop Version for Windows

·        Mobile Version available for download on the Google Play or App Store

·        HTML5 online in-browser play

Desktop version is the most used by grinders worldwide. The software is functional and pretty comfortable allowing multi-tabling and a wide choice of features such as:

·        Tile Tables

·        Animation

·        Sound

·        Display Bet Amount

·        Bet using enter key

·        Auto muck cards

·        Auto post blinds

·        Run it twice

·        Auto buy in

·        Auto rebuy

When it comes to poker trackers, we should mention that both Holdem Manager 2 and Poker Tracker 4 are not supported. Therefore, players do not have access to HUD at the tables.

The good side regarding software is that players from all countries can join the Israeli reservation by contacting us without having to use any VPN. So no matter where you want to play from on the Israeli site, you don’t have to bother about using any poker tool. All you have to do is to request an account from us and deposit to start playing online.

GoldPokerPro Deposits and Withdrawals – Cashier

All poker accounts are created in our agency. Thus, there is no direct cashier available. Players have several payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals at GoldPokerPro:

·        Skrill EUR

·        Skrill USD

·        Neteller EUR

·        Neteller USD

Another good aspect is there are no extra processing fees, except the ones charged by Neteller/Skrill. Usually, withdrawals are processed fast within 24-48 hours.

How do I get an account at GoldPokerPro?

To get an account at GoldPokerPro you need to send us deposit first. After the deposit has been confirmed, we will request an account for you which will be ready in about 1-2 days. Please keep in mind that the minimum deposit is 200 EUR or 250 USD and once you deposit, you are required to play because all operations are done manually which involves extra work from us. Therefore, we cannot keep players who are inactive on our accounts. Weekly settlement is done manually every Tuesday to calculate how much players have won/lost as well as how much they raked for previous week. 

GoldPokerPro Rake Method and Structure                

GoldPokerPro uses a weighted contributed rake method, which is pretty common for online poker rooms. Therefore, there is no redistribution rake formula, such as the ones used by Microgaming Poker Network, iPoker or GG Network.

How much rake do I pay at the Israeli poker room?

Players are charged rake for No Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games as found below:

Rake %

Rake Cap


50 ILS

Thus, as you may notice, rake is lower than the average 5% charged by online poker rooms.

GoldPokerPro rakeback deal

The most exciting part of our GoldPokerPro review is the rakeback deal offered by RakebackAce.

We aim to offer the best available GoldPokerPro rakeback deal based on rake tiers as follows:

Monthly Rake (USD)

Rakeback %

Payment Method

0 – 500



501 – 1,000






Thus, our rakeback deal rewards all players with 35% by default. Moreover, grinders who rake above 1,000 USD can even reach the highest possible rakeback deal available for GoldPokerPro, 45%, paid on a monthly basis via Neteller/Skrill. Rakeback is usually paid after we get all the reports for previous month.

In conclusion, GoldPokerPro is the main Israeli poker reservation, launched after Pokerstars exited their country in late 2016. The online poker room is a very good option for bum hunting low and medium stakes Holdem and Omaha cash games. However, it is not suitable for micro stakes players (because minimum stake is NL/PL27 USD) and for grinders who want to multi-table due to low traffic. The games are pretty soft since you play against poker amateurs or weak regulars and at peak hours you can find tables up to NL/PL5K. If you want to play at the Israeli reservation, we are offering the best available GoldPokerPro rakeback deal, with 35% guaranteed cashback and up to 45% rakeback for players who rake above 1,000 USD. Contact us to request a poker account and start playing now!

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