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Best Chinese Poker Apps – Reviews and Rakeback Deals


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J88Poker is the most recently launched Independent Asian Poker Room, hosting all kind of poker games such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Badugi and Open Face Chinese Poker.

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Chinese Poker Apps have been launched in 2017 and developed in 2018, experiencing a huge boom, in comparison with mainstream poker networks. They work as private Asian underground networks that host real money cash games. Some of them offer Heads Up, others only 6-max Holdem and Omaha cash games.

The most popular online poker apps

PokerMaster has been the first launched app that experienced a huge success. Based on its model, several other online poker apps have been released (same as Bitcoin versus several other crypto currencies). 

How do Chinese poker apps work?

These apps host cash games. Players can join only through a qualified agent who intermediates deposits and withdrawals. Working with a reputable agent such as RakebackAce reduces the risks and increases the safety of your transactions.

Basically, players receive coins in exchange with their deposit and the exchange rates are different for each club. At the end of their play, they pay a cash out fee to the agent who helped them transfer funds.

Rake at Asian apps

There might be exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking, Asian apps work like this: there is no direct rake taken from the pots. Instead, at the end of each session, 5% is charged for winning players from their outcome. Losing sessions are not charged anything. 

Working as play money apps that host real money cash games, there private underground networks are organized into clubs to be able to monetize winnings and losses. Each user can create a club and establish the conditions to join it as well as the type of games running. In 2018 it is more important which club to join than the poker app itself, because depending of the club, the games can be better or worse.

Asian Poker Apps Rakeback

Being play money apps that do not have a standard rake system, there is no direct rakeback at Asian apps. However, players can benefit from improved conditions such as:

·        Access to more and softer clubs

·        Reduced cash out fees

·        Increased safety and reduced risks

How to get the lowest cash out fees at PokerMaster and other apps?

To be able to pay the lowest possible fees at PokerMaster and other apps, you need to work with a trusted partner such as RakebackAce, who will help you get the best service and support and benefit from reduced fees.

Online Poker apps – Stakes and Minimum Deposit Requirements

Most online poker apps host games for low up to high stakes (NL60 – NL6K equivalent). Therefore, micro stakes players are not eligible to play at PokerMaster and most of the apps where minimum stakes are NL60 and minimum deposit 10,000 CNY which is around 1,500$. However, there are some new recently developed apps that offer stakes for micro stakes players as well. One of them is J88Poker.

J88Poker – Best online poker app for micro stakes


J88Poker is the latest released Chinese poker app that is suitable for micro stakes players. As compared with other online poker apps such as PokerMaster, J88Poker offers games starting from ₵1/2 up to ₵1k/2k, while the most popular tables are ₵10/20 up to ₵50/100. Minimum deposit is also only 50$ so affordable for any player. Contact us to deposit at J88Poker and start playing at Chinese poker apps.