How to get at BreakOut Poker

  • Room – BreakOut Poker
  • Network – GG Network
  • Rakeback – up to 100%
  • Rake – 3-5%
  • Trackers Support – internal
  • Cashier – direct
  • VPN – not needed
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BreakOut Poker Review

BreakOut Poker is the fastest growing skin of GG Network. The online poker room with headquarters in Costa Rica has been recently launched in 2017 and has already attracted a lot of traffic due to its excellent promotions, which make it one of the best choices for grinding on GG Network. BreakOut has already been promoted by some popular poker players like David Benyamine, Todd Brunson or Jennifer Harman.

Our BreakOut Poker Review focuses on showing the benefits of playing on the newest GG Network skin, which brings great advantages for our customers. For instance, players can benefit from Private VIP system, on top of Fish Buffet loyalty scheme or make free transactions using crypto currencies. BreakOut is one of the few Bitcoin Poker Sites in the industry. BreakOut Poker Bonus is also the most rewarding from all other GG network skins, helping players boost their poker bankroll right after registration.

About GG Network

GG Network is the second biggest Asian poker network and one of the top 10 online poker network according to global traffic leaderboard. It has expanded a lot in the last year, not only by bringing new skins aside, such as BreakOut, but also due to its good mix between traffic, games softness and rakeback schemes. GG Network is currently offering the most rewarding VIP system, where players can get up to 100% rakeback deal.

GG Network Pros and Cons

According to our BreakOut Poker review, below there are the main pros and cons to join the GG Network skin.


·        Huge Traffic for Holdem, Omaha and Tournaments

·        Soft Playing Field with plenty of Asian amateurs and gamblers

·        Most rewarding Welcome Bonus and Highest No Deposit Bonus in GG Network

·        Private added VIP system, on top of the up to 100% Fish Buffet Rewards

·        Exclusive BreakOut Poker Promotions: JackPots, Leaderboards and Missions

·        Free and instant payment methods through Bitcoin and BreakOut Coin crypto currencies

·        Fewest country restrictions from all other GG network skins


·        No Heads Up or Sit & Go Games

·        Poker Trackers not supported by GG Network software

·        No flat rakeback since the new Fish Buffet VIP System launch

·        No rake cap for Omaha cash games

GG Network Traffic Review

BreakOut shares the same player pool as all the other GG Network skins. According to data provided by PokerScout, GG Network stands on the 6th place in terms of traffic for cash games, with a weekly average of 1,300 players and more than 1,800 at peak hours. For all type of games played, you can even find more than 10,000 players online at the Asian poker network.

BreakOut offers the following games for its players:

·        Texas Holdem

·        Omaha

·        All in or Fold Games

·        Multi-table tournaments

Most Popular BreakOut Poker Tournaments

Our BreakOut Poker review has shown that most of the traffic comes from cash games and MTTs. The rake for tournaments is very low, therefore many grinders prefer to switch their MTTs schedule to GG Network from other mainstream operators. Also, there are plenty of tournaments, from freerolls to high value guaranteed ones, with buy-ins up to 100$. Below you can see the list of the most popular BreakOut Poker tournaments:

·        Chinese Zodiac Freerolls

·        Daily Guarantees

·        Phoenix Rebuy

·        Bounty Hunters

All in or Fold Games Traffic

Although they have been introduced to boost traffic from recreational players, all in or fold games do not have much action. They are offered for both Holdem and Omaha players, with available stakes from NL/PL10 up to NL/PL10K. However, you can hardly find any table opened above NL/PL1K.

Texas Holdem Cash Games Traffic

It’s important to mention that BreakOut does not have any Heads Up cash games. Therefore, all Texas Holdem games are played in the 6-max and 9-max format, the first one remaining the most popular. There is decent action up to N200, where you can find more than 10 short-handed tables at each stake starting with NL10. Only a few tables are available higher than NL400 and you can hardly find any games running above NL1K.

Omaha Cash Games Traffic

Omaha Traffic is available starting with PLO10 where you can expect more than 10 tables at almost any hour. The traffic is decent up to PLO50, Omaha being the second chosen cash game after Texas Holdem. Above PLO100, you will have trouble finding more than 5 tables per stake. At peak hours, PLO should be running up to PLO20K, but daily action you can expect up to PLO1K. PLO only runs in the 6-max format.

Country Restrictions at BreakOut

Players from the following countries are restricted to register at BreakOut:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Cuba, Curacao, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Libya, Mauritania, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, UAE and USA.

BreakOut has probably the fewest country restrictions for European players as compared with other GG Network skins. Thus, together with the great promotions and private VIP systems added on top, it remains the most preferred destination for GG Network grinders worldwide.

If you find yourself on the list of restricted countries, you should contact us to check the options for joining GG Network, based on your individual profile.  

BreakOut Poker Software and Trackers

BreakOut uses a modern software that can be accessed from any desktop or mobile versions. It has been released not only for Windows and Mac, but for other mobile applications, such as Android or iOS versions.

The specific of GG Network software is that it has integrated an internal tracker, called PokerCraft, which is replacing the external providers of trackers used by most players: HM2 and PT4. Therefore, while games are played anonymously, players can still have access to some stats and check hand history into their PokerCraft, which can be found at the bottom right of the lobby.

The main features offered by BreakOut Poker software, besides the in-site poker tracker, are the following:

·        All In Insurance which helps you diminish the negative effects of bad beats

·        Straddle used to add extra action and discourage nits to play fit or fold

·        Universal Players Note which helps you analyze your opponents

·        Staking used to buy or sell action for tournaments

External Trackers Restricted

GG Network does not allow any external software at all. They do not support Holdem Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4. Instead, they provide their own in-site tracker called PokerCraft, where players can check stats.

GG Network is very strict when it comes to external software. They also have a rigid policy against bots, banning all bots that are found to have joined the Asian poker network. This is a good thing for poker regulars who are whining about the increase of bots on most networks, especially for high stakes games.

GG Network RNG Tested by BMM Testlabs

GG Network software has found to be reliable and unbiased after it has been reviewed by BMM Testlabs. Therefore, it has been concluded that the RNG is working properly and players don’t have to doubt about the way cards are dealt anymore.

Main Advantages of BreakOut Poker software

To summarize, below you can find the main advantages of BreakOut software:

·        It has been designed for recreational players

·        Allows integration with other social networks

·        Has quality graphics and allows multi-tabling

·        Blocks external software which keeps the network liquidity soft

Deposits and Withdrawals at BreakOut

BreakOut offers direct cashier. Therefore, it is no need for a third party to make deposits or withdrawals at the Asian poker room. Deposits are instant and free of charge, while withdrawals are processed fast, within a few hours in the case of Skrill and Neteller e-wallets. Players who decide to use crypto currencies can cash out with no fees. While BreakOut is establishing as a Bitcoin poker site, it also allows usage of its own crypto currency, called BreakOut Coin.

For more traditional type of players, wire transfer is also possible and it also takes between 3 and 5 business days to receive your payment. Below you can check all the relevant details for the most used payment methods at BreakOut.

Most used Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Payment Method


Cash out fees

Withdrawal Time

Minimum Deposit

Maximum Withdrawal







BreakOut Coin









1-3 days






1-3 days



Wire Transfer



3-5 days



BreakOut Poker rake and rakeback deal

Which is the rake method used at the Asian poker network?

GG Network is one of the few online poker operators that have migrated from a classical weighted contributed rake method to a redistribution of rake. They have introduced Player Value Index, which is assigned to each player, with values from 0 to 2. The index is multiplied with player’s rake and gives an actual rake from which cashback is calculated. Thus, it works as a redistribution rake method, where winning players are rewarded with less PVI than losing ones.

GG Network rake structure

GGNetwork uses a straight forward rake structure for its main games: Holdem, Omaha and tournaments. Below you have the percentages applied for each game.

Game Type












It is important to mention that while Omaha rake is uncapped, for NLHE there are several rake cap values varying across the limits, from 1$ at NL10 up to 10$ at NL1K. However, we should mention that Omaha rake is probably between the lowest in the industry. Additionally, since rake is paid per pot, if the pot is less than the minimum amount from which rake is calculated, players can be charged even less than 5% rake. In some cases, they will only pay 2.5% rake. Tournament rake is incredibly low as well, with only 5% and a bunch of MTTs to play for several buy-ins and with plenty of guaranteed prizes. MTTs rake is twice less than the average of the industry, which is 10%.

BreakOut Poker Bonus

New players are eligible to receive a 200% up to 1,000$ BreakOut Poker Bonus, which applies to the first 3 qualifying deposits. The BreakOut Poker bonus counts for 20% rakeback, being one of the most rewarding poker bonuses within GG Network. It is released in only 10$ increments, making it affordable for everyone. Players have 90 days to harvest the bonus.

BreakOut Poker Bonus Code

When making your first deposit, to claim your initial bonus, you will have to use the following BreakOut Poker Bonus Code:  WB1000

BreakOut Poker No Deposit Bonus

BreakOut is the only skin of GG Network which also offers 8$ No Deposit Bonus for players who want to test the games without needing to deposit. The bonus can be used to play cash games or register at your favorite MTTs and can be useful to help players build their free poker bankroll. This is a special promotion that requires a unique registration link. Therefore, we advise you to contact us on skype prior to registering your account to be able to claim your No Deposit Bonus. In this way, you will receive a free 8$ BreakOut Poker Bonus that you can use right away.

Are reload bonuses available at GG Network?

Currently there are no reload bonuses running at GG Network, but you need to get in touch with us to have access to latest updates, because market changes occur all the time.

GG Network Fish Buffet Loyalty System

GG Network has recently introduced a VIP system called Fish Buffet which rewards players from 10% up to 100% rakeback by running a wheel. There are currently 7 Statuses, each of them with up to 6 levels. The more higher your status, the more chances you have to get the highest possible rakeback at GG network. Please keep in mind that while you can hit even 100% rakeback, on the long run, the highest expected cashback for the highest VIP status is 50%. Below you have a summary of your Fish Buffet Rewards System.

VIP Status

VIP Levels

Points Required per Level

Duration to hit next level

Maximum expected cashback




30 days





15 days





7 days





72 hours





24 hours





24 hours





24 hours


After hitting the highest VIP level, Shark Black, you will get insane chances to earn up to 100% rakeback. You will be a coin flip distance to earn more than 50% rakeback at every given wheel rotation. Of course, on the long run you will get exactly 50% cashback until variance has been removed entirely. However, on the short run you have half chances to get more or less than 50% rakeback.

BreakOut Poker Private VIP System

On top of GG Network Fish Buffet Loyalty System, BreakOut also offers to its players an additional Private VIP system, which is structured on 5 Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and BreakOut Pro. Each level of the Private VIP system rewards players with different prizes, which consist of tournaments tickets, monthly freerolls or even merchandise such as BreakOut Poker Hat, Golf Shirt or Gift Card.

BreakOut Poker Promotions

Player benefits do not end here. Through its exclusive promotions, BreakOut stands out in front of the other GG Network skins. Of course, most of them are exciting especially for recreational players but can be used by poker grinders as well. The most popular BreakOut Poker promotions are the following:

·        Weekly Mission

·        Big Hand JackPot

·        Tournament Leaderboard

In conclusion, we consider BreakOut Poker one of the most excellent choices for our Holdem and Omaha lovers who want to join the Asian GG network, as well as for tournaments addicts. Here you can find one of the lowest rake in online poker and great cashback rewards, with great BreakOut Poker bonus and promotions and a VIP system with up to 100% rakeback. By working with us, you will have access to all the possible benefits of playing in GG Network.

RakebackAce provides the best GG Network rakeback and according to our BreakOut Poker review, this is the most suitable skin for both beginners and grinders worldwide. Last but not the least, here you can find the fewest country restrictions and except some smaller countries, you can register from almost anywhere in Western Europe. High volume rake grinders are welcome to contact us for any request they might have and to discuss a personalized deal. Register now at BreakOut Poker and start playing at the Asian GG Network against weak recreational players and gamblers!

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