How to get at GGPoker Network

  • Room – BestPoker
  • Network – GGNetwork
  • Rakeback – up to 100%
  • Rake – 5% cap 1–3
  • Trackers Support – yes
  • Cashier – direct
  • VPN – not needed

About the BestPoker Network

BestPoker is the flagship of GoodGame Poker Network, also known as GG Network. Being licensed in Curacao, the European operator has joined GG Network after exiting Ongame some time ago. It used to be for a long time one of the main Ongame brands together with RedKings Poker.

BestPoker has quickly managed to stand out among the other GG Network skins by offering above the market rakeback deals and poker promotions. Recently, it has joined the Fish Buffet loyalty system but continues to deliver outstanding benefits for its customers. BestPoker rakeback can go up to 100% based on GG Network VIP system. By registering at BestPoker through RakebackAce, you are guaranteed the best BestPoker rakeback deal on the market.

GoodGame Network (GGNetwork) Review

GoodGame Poker Network or GG Network if you are more familiar with this abbreviation has been expanding pretty fast during the last 12 months with impressive traffic especially for cash games. An important element is brought by the online poker boom that is experienced by Asian networks recently. Being the second largest Asian poker network, GoodGame Poker is just behind IDN Poker Network, with an increasing trend. The high offers of game types and weak lineups attract both recreational players and online poker grinders, making GG Network an important actor on the market. BestPoker rakeback helps you maximize GoodGame Poker cashback.

Traffic on the GoodGame Network (GGNetwork)

According to PokerScout, GoodGame Poker Network performs pretty well, climbing up to the 6th place in online poker rooms leaderboard based on worldwide online poker sites traffic report. At the time this BestPoker review has been conducted, there are more than 7,000 players online that have a wide choice of games: No Limit Texas Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha and all-in or fold cash games, to which adds an impressive gallery of MTTs.

BestPoker Traffic Review takes into consideration both average and peak traffic data but also exact number of tables found per each game and stake at the moment when the review has been conducted. According to traffic data provided by the networks, GG Network currently hosts 1,300 cash games players on a weekly basis, with peak traffic of more than 1,800 connections. Keep in mind that this does not take into account all poker traffic, most of the players being attracted by MTTs or tournament freerolls. It is important to mention that GG Network only offers 6-max and 9-max tables. However, only 6-max traffic is significant, while HU tables are not offered at all.

BestPoker Traffic for No Limit Holdem (NLHE) Cash Games is as follows:

·        Micro Stakes (Up to NL25) – 31 NL10 6-max tables and 21 NL25 6-max tables

·        Low Stakes (NL50 – NL100) – 15 NL50 6-max tables and 9 NL100 6-max tables

·        Medium Stakes (NL 200 – NL600) – 4 NL200 and 4 NL400 6-max cash tables

·        High Stakes (NL1K+) – 3 NL1K 6-max cash tables

BestPoker Traffic for Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) Cash games:                                              

·        Micro Stakes (Up to PLO25) – 13 PLO10 6-max, 2 PLO16 6-max with antes and 8 PLO25 6-max cash games tables

·        Low Stakes (PLO50 – PLO100) – 7 PLO50 and 5 PLO100 6-max cash games tables

·        Medium Stakes ( PLO200 – PLO 600) – 2 PLO200, 7 PLO400 and 2 PLO600 6-max cash games tables

·        High Stakes (PLO1K+) – 1 PLO1k 6-max table which is not full

Based on our review, it is pretty clear that BestPoker offers very good traffic for both NLHE and PLO from micro up to medium stakes, but you can also find games from time to time up to NL1K/PL1K. Therefore, BestPoker is a very good choice for Texas Holdem and Omaha addicts within GoodGame Poker (GG Network). If we also take into account the opportunity of earning up to 100% BestPoker rakeback, we have the perfect formula for online poker success.

A surprising element brought by GG Network is the presence of all in or fold cash games. With stakes starting with as low as 0.10$/0.25$ with minimum buy-in of only 2$ up to NL1K, gamblers are stimulated to embrace online poker in 2018. It is a smart way that brings excitement back to the poker tables, in an overall gambling environment which is full of regulars mass grinding the tables.

At first glance we thought this might bring some of the tournament players into cash games since they have a good understanding of push/fold strategy from MTTs, but after we looked a while which were the push/fold ranges, we have noticed a lot of gamblers that were just clicking buttons which might even make these games profitable for both MTTs and cash grinders. There are not low hanging fruits when minimum buy-in for the highest all-in or fold game is 80$. These all in or fold games run into the 4-max format and it’s easy to crush them with a basic poker knowledge and solid pre flop ranges.

Moving further, to be very honest with you, we have not seen any SNGs running at GG Network, but BestPoker has an impressive collection of poker tournaments with a wide range of buy-ins. Freerolls and satellites are also available and from our MTTs experience, it seems that GoodGame Poker Network has quite an impressive traffic for tournaments as well. Late registration is available for most of the tournaments and another interesting element is that most of the tournaments are played every single day. Some of you may have already heard of them. Here is a list of some of BestPoker’s daily tournaments:

·        Daily Yellow 10$

·        Daily Red 40$

·        Daily Blue 60$

·        Daily Green 150$

Therefore, we can see that BestPoker traffic is impressive and is an excellent choice for all the game types it offers: No Limit Holdem 6-max cash games, Pot Limit Omaha 6-max cash games, All In or Fold 4-max cash games, Daily Tournaments and Freerolls. Imagine how much you can earn by grinding these online games with GoodGame Poker multi-tabling feature, playing against Asian gamblers, while maximizing your BestPoker rakeback through the custom cashback offer from RakebackAce.

As most online poker networks, segregated markets have created restrictions for poker players who want to join BestPoker or GoodGame Poker Network (GG Network). BestPoker makes no difference, meaning that into their Terms and Conditions that you must read before registering, you may notice the list of restricted countries. We also share with you below this list but please review your residence before signing up by contacting us since these data change pretty often.

Players from following countries are restricted to play poker online at BestPoker:

Afghanistan, Algeria , Albania, American Samoa, Angola, Bahrain, Belize, Belgium, Bulgaria, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Estonia, France, Greece, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Liberia, Latvia, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Norfolk Island, Oman, Palestinian Territory Occupied, Philippines, Portugal Rwanda, Saint Martin (French part), Seychelles, Somalia, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Sudan, Singapore, Spain, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States , Yemen.

What happens if I have registered at BestPoker and I am on the list above?

BestPoker does not require accounts verifications before depositing. However, players who are found to breach network rules will not be able to cashout. If you are on the restricted countries list you won’t be able to verify your account since you will be required to provide proof of address from a valid and approved residence. Therefore, we suggest to read our BestPoker review before registering your online poker account. We want to help you join GoodGame Poker and receive the best BestPoker rakeback.

If I am on the restricted contries list for BestPoker can I still join GG Network?

Since BestPoker is only a GG Network skin, you may be able to register at another GG Network skin that allows you to play there. However, many skins have the same policies regarding country restrictions. To check whether you can join GoodGame Poker Network (GG Network) from your current residence, please contact us and our team of poker experts will find a solution for you to access segregated markets. Don’t make silly mistakes by trying to create an account yourself without contacting us because you will risk to jeopardize your poker bankroll and get your account frozen. We will make our best to help you join GG Network and get the best BestPoker rakeback if possible.

Software and Trackers Support                                                                          

GG Network is an online poker network focused merely on recreational players. Being the second Asian network, GoodGame Poker is expanding in Europe as well.

GG Network has licenses in UK, Curacao and Philippines and its poker software has been tested by BMM Testlabs, assuring a functional and unbiased RNG.

BestPoker software is similar with the one used by all the other GG Network skins. It is specially created for recreational players having some special features:

·        In-Site tracker that replaces the classical poker trackers (Holdem Manager 2, Poker Tracker 4) designed for recreational players

·        All-in Insurance that rewards players in case of a bad beat

·        Poker Hands can be captured instantly and posted on social networks

·        All-Ins are highlighted with special graphic elements.

Apart from being very nice and user friendly for recreational players, GG Network software is an excellent choice for grinders who can easily multi-table without issues both NLHE and PLO cash games. Our grinders are very satisfied of GG Network software which is one of the best in online poker industry.

Main advantages of BestPoker – GoodGame Poker software can be synthetized as follows:

·        Designed for recreational players

·        Integration with social networks

·        Exciting graphic elements

·        Blocking external software

·        Soft liquidity of the network

In the further chapter you will learn how you can maximize your BestPoker cashback and get the best rakeback deal available at GoodGame Poker Network.

Rakeback at the GGNetwork at BestPoker

BestPoker uses the same rake structure as all the other GG Network skins. Rake and rakeback is the most technical and rewarding element of what best describes an online poker room.

BestPoker rake is calculated based on a formula called Player Value Index (PVI). As compared with Weighted Contributed Rake which is a straight forward rake formula based on how much rake is taken from the amount which is used by the player to contribute to the pot, Player Value Index is a redistribution rake formula similar in a way with iPoker’s Real Player Value (RPV) or Microgaming’s True Value Rake (TVR). These redistribution rake formulas have been introduced to offer more benefits for recreational players who are losing money too fast and leave the poker rooms to the sharks.

PVI is an index assigned to each player, based on his performance. Its value is between 0.1 and 2. The better the player, the lower the index. The system is technically similar to the one used by iPoker. Actual rake, we can call it Net Rake is Gross Rake * PVI. In the case of regular players, actual rake is lower than gross rake and the difference between net rake and gross rake goes to the prizes of the promotions offered by the poker rooms.

It is very important to know that there is no rakeback deal without PVI in BestPoker or GG Network as a whole. Requesting such thing is like asking iPoker skins to pay you from weighted contributed rake instead of RPV or Microgaming from weighted contributed rake instead of TVR. That is impossible. However, as compared with iPoker and Microgaming, winning poker players are rewarded only a bit less than their gross rake. Therefore, there is not a big redistribution of rake at GG Network. Moreover, based on our rakeback deal, players can get not only the best BestPoker rakeback, but also the best GGNetwork rakeback available online.

Rake at BestPoker is calculated depending of the game type as you can notice from below:

Game Type


Rake %

No Limit Texas Holdem

All Stakes


Pot Limit Omaha

All Stakes



All Stakes


Rake Cap values fluctuate between 1$ and 10$, depending on the game type and stakes.

Below you can find No Limit Holdem Rake Cap Values:


Rake Cap















How can I harvest first deposit bonus at BestPoker?

New Players who sign up at BestPoker receive a welcome bonus of 2,000$ that can be released in small increments of only 1$. The bonus counts for 10% rakeback and is valid for 90 days. The most exciting part of the poker bonus is that you release it in very small chunks of only 1$, therefore it is easy to use for all type of players. The more you play, the more bonus you release.

Do I need to use any deposit bonus code to receive BestPoker welcome bonus?

After you register your BestPoker account and confirm tracking with us, your bonus will be automatically released, therefore deposit bonus code is not required.

Is there any no deposit bonus code available at BestPoker?

No, BestPoker has created a healthy poker ecology of GG Network. Therefore, beginners have plenty of incentives to deposit themselves, such as exciting all in or fold cash games, user friendly poker software with plenty of features or the chance of running the wheel and get up to 100% BestPoker rakeback.

How do I earn rakeback at BestPoker?

GG Network has recently introduced a new VIP loyalty system that rewards players with up to 100% rakeback.

How does it work?

As simple as it sounds, the more you play, the more chances you get to earn up to 100% rakeback. Players receive fish buffet points (FP) for each 0.01$ paid in rake. The more FPs a player has, the higher his VIP status is. Fish Buffet has 7 VIP Statuses: Plankton, Shrimp, Goldfish, Crab, Octopus, Whale, Shark.

Each VIP Status has VIP Levels. For instance, the highest VIP Status, Shark, has 6 VIP Levels:

·        Bronze

·        Silver

·        Gold

·        Platinum

·        Diamond

·        Black

Based on how many fish buffet points you accumulate, you will incrementally reach new levels within the VIP loyalty system. Each time when you reach a new level you get the chance of running the wheel and earn up to 100% rakeback. The higher the VIP level, the higher odds you have to get the maximum rakeback. Therefore, by playing more, you gain more rakeback. However, besides the variation/luck factor, expected cashback can be calculated on average. Highest expected level is 50% for Shark – Black.

This means that on the long run by reaching the highest GG Network VIP level, you will get 50% rakeback on average. This does not mean that occasionally you cannot win the whole 100% rakeback. In the table below you can notice how many fish buffet points (FPs) you need to earn for reaching a certain level and which is the time limit for reaching the next level, as well as the expected cashback. Please keep in mind that unopened wheel spins will be credited automatically into your poker account after 30 days so no rakeback is lost. For recreational players it is important to see the excitement of running the wheel though, this makes them come back to the tables and gamble money against professional poker players.



FPs to earn (for each level)

Time Limit (for each level)

Highest Expected Cashback




30 days





15 days





7 days





72 hours





24 hours





24 hours





24 hours


Please understand that highest possible cashback is different than highest expected cashback. Expected cashback calculates an average for a specific status on the long run. Therefore, highest possible cashback is 100%, while highest expected cashback is 50%.

On the long run, players who have Shark Status and Black VIP level receive the highest expected cashback of 50%. The detailed benefits of this kind of player who attains the maximum VIP level can be found below:

·        VIP Status – Shark

·        VIP Level – Black

·        FPs required – 100,000

·        Time to achieve VIP Level – 30 days

·        Prize Range – between 100$ and 1,000$

·        Expected cashback% – 50%

·        Expected cashback amount – 500$

RakebackAce has decided to offer free rolling to all BestPoker players. Therefore, all new players who register at BestPoker to join GoodGame Poker (GG Network) will receive 50% BestPoker rakeback guaranteed. What does this mean?

It means that we remove any variance while helping micro and low stakes players who can hardly attain highest VIP Status and Level to get the maximum expected cashback guaranteed. Thus, all our players will receive between 50% and 100% rakeback on a monthly basis.

Example: Richard Gere rakes 1,000$ at BestPoker in July. His PVI is 0.9. Therefore his actual rake disclosed by BestPoker based on GG Network rake system will be 900$. We released 275$ through Fish Buffet loyalty system, counting for 30.55% rakeback. After we receive final July reports with all the deductions (most likely between 15th and 20th of August), we will pay the difference of 19.45% rakeback via Skrill or Neteller. Thus, we will send an extra rakeback of 175$ to the player eWallet account.

In this way, all our BestPoker players will get 50% rakeback guaranteed, so at least 50% rakeback no matter what. However, if they receive more than 50% rakeback from the VIP system, they can keep the difference as well. So the outcome of this outstanding RakebackAce cashback offer is that players will get between 50% and 100% rakeback on a monthly basis no matter what.

Is that all BestPoker rakeback I can get?

We hope you’re kidding. We’re not here to make baby little steps. The outstanding BestPoker benefits do not end here. If you read again our BestPoker room review (we actually suggest to do so due to the high value of information and number of details you have to know) you can easily notice that players also get a GG Network first deposit bonus of up to 2,000$, released in increments as low as for only 1$.

While first deposit bonus is active, we do not deduct anything from the players. Therefore, for the first 3 months of your poker journey at GG Network, players will get 50% rakeback guaranteed + another 10% extra rakeback equivalence from deposit bonus on top of the GTD rakeback. Therefore, on aggregate players will receive 60% total rakeback at BestPoker for the first 90 days.

Is reload bonus possible at BestPoker?

This is a very good question that I was waiting to receive from you. If you have come so far, it means you are really commited and willing to go the extra mile and choose BestPoker as your main online poker room for mass grinding, while maybe bum hunting some smaller rooms with soft field and low traffic from time to time. Reload bonuses are usually offered by the poker rooms to increase customer retention and stimulate customers to player poker more often. While we cannot promise right now that BestPoker will offer such reload bonus for the future, we are always researching the market if such an offer will be available so you will be informed immediately. Usually, reload bonuses are offered especially for inactive players to make them come back to the poker tables. As soon as such an offer will be available, you will be the first to hear about it.

Don’t forget about BestPoker promotions that are another revenue stream of extra rakeback on top of the 50% BestPoker guaranteed cashback. While poker promotions are usually entertaining for recreational players, they represent an additional source of income for online poker grinders. Our BestPoker review conducted by RakebackAce estimates that BestPoker promotions offer an extra expected cashback of 10% for the average online poker grinder. However, the more you play, the more you gain and the more chances there are to hit a special jackpot or leaderboard and win a ton of money. So instead making computations, take the opportunity to join the second largest online poker network and maximize your cashback while playing against weak Asian recreational players.

The most exciting BestPoker promotions that are available at the moment are the following:

·        111,111$ Omaha Chase

·        Big Hand JackPot

·        100,000$ Tournament Leaderboard

·        10,000$ Invitational Freeroll

BestPoker Omaha Chase is applied to PLO cash games players who share a prize pool of 111,111$ monthly. Players earn points for every Omaha hand they play depending on the stakes. PLO10 is rewarded with 2 points per hand while PLO 20,000$ with 4,950 points per hand. The maximum prize that can be won is 15,111$ by reaching the required points level of 20,000,000 based on the “first come, first served” criteria. So if you are an Omaha poker addict, start playing now and enjoy your deserved share from a wonderful pie who worth 111,111$.


Total Winners

Required Points













Feel free to contact us to keep you updated and get the latest poker bonuses and promotions available for BestPoker and all the other GoodGame Poker (GG Network) skins. Register now to join the second largest Asian poker network, increase your win rate and maximize your cashback by earning up to 100% BestPoker rakeback at GG Network.

In conclusion, BestPoker is by far the best option for GoodGame Poker players due to its excellent software and promotions, as well as a rewarding guaranteed rakeback offered by RakebackAce, the market leaders of online poker room reviews and rakeback deals.

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