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  • Room – Brasil Poker Live
  • Network – Aconcagua Poker
  • Rakeback – Jackpot Rewards
  • Rake – 5% cap up to $10
  • Trackers Hand Converter required
  • Cashier – via RakebackAce
  • VPN – needed
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Brasil Poker Live – Aconcagua Poker Review

Brasil Poker Live is one of the main Aconcagua Network skins, where you can play against Latin American players from south-American countries. Aconcagua Poker download is used to login into the client to check the lobby and the games available.

Aconcagua Poker is one of the Latin American poker networks where you can experience a soft playing field for 2018, together with RAP and PaiWangLuo Poker Network, that hosts both Latin American skin Bodog and US skin Bovada, now renamed into IgnitionCasino.


It is important to mention that RakebackAce players benefit from special conditions when joining Brasil Poker Live. Thus, if you are willing to play on Aconcagua Network from any country, we facilitate you the access without any monthly rent. However, there are some fees applicable to cashouts imposed by the network. Thus, you can join Aconcagua for free from any country via RakebackAce.

Brasil Poker Live – Aconcagua Poker Traffic Review

Brasil Poker Live shares the same player pool as all the other Aconcagua Poker skins. Therefore, it has equivalent traffic to Aconcagua. Based on Pokerscout traffic report, Aconcagua currently holds the 13th position in online traffic leaderboard, based on data provided by the network. With an average of 500 cash games grinders on a weekly basis, Aconcagua reaches more than 1,000 connections at peak hours. Please also keep in mind that Latin American poker players have different time zone as compared to European grinders.

When it comes to game types, Aconcagua has different options for its players:

·        Texas Holdem

·        Omaha

·        Americana

·        32 Card Draw

·        7 Stud

·        Pineapple

Aconcagua offers all type of games: no limit Holdem and pot limit Omaha cash games, tournaments and SNGs. At Brasil Poker Live all games run in FBR (BRL) which is their national currencies. 1 FBR=0.25 USD.

MTTs traffic is present with different buy-in levels. Highest MTTs are “High Roller Especial” with 250,000 FBR guaranteed and 880 FBR buy-in. Sit and Go games are offered for both Holdem and Omaha players with up to 220 FBR buy-ins and from Heads Up to 27 players.

No Limit Holdem Cash Games Traffic for Aconcagua is as follows:

·        Low Stakes (NL2 – NL50) – 5 NL2 6-max tables, 1 NL10 and 1 NL20 6-max tables, 2 NL50 6-max tables and 1 NL50 9-max table

·        Medium and High Stakes – decent traffic at peak hours

At the time we have conducted this Aconcagua Network review there were only 327 players online, so we were not online during their peak hours.

Pot Limit Omaha Cash Games traffic Aconcagua is as follows:

·        Low Stakes (PLO2 – PLO50) – 3 PLO2 6-max tables, 2 PLO10 6-max tables, 4 PLO50 6-max tables

·        Medium Stakes (PLO100 – PLO1K) – 2 PLO100 6-max and 1 PL1K tables

·        High Stakes – decent traffic at peak hours


As you can observe, there is considerable traffic at pot limit Omaha cash games, even more for some stakes than for Texas Holdem.

Who can play at Aconcagua Network?

Aconcagua Network is dedicated to bring together players from several Latin American countries:

Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador and Uruguay. Therefore, the vast majority of the traffic comes from south-American countries where you can hardly find professional players. Thus, the vast majority of the player pool is pretty soft.

Aconcagua has multiple skins running their software, based on the country they target. Thus, the following skins are part of Aconcagua Network:

·        Brasil Poker Live

·        Poker de las Americas

·        Bolivia Poker Live

·        Chile Poker Live

·        Colombia Poker Live

·        Guarani Poker Live

·        Mex Poker Live

·        Peru Poker Live

·        Uru Poker Live

Players from other countries, such as but not limited to European grinders are not officially accepted to play on Aconcagua. However, due to the soft player pool and good software, we recommend Aconcagua and Brasil Poker Live in particular for worldwide players. Therefore, we offer free poker accounts for rent to players from all countries. They will only be charged a small fee when withdrawing money from their account, thus only paying when they win.

We believe Aconcagua Network is an excellent choice for worldwide players who are sick to play on the same mainstream networks flooded by regulars. Aconcagua Poker download helps you login with the test accounts we provide on request so that you can check the lobby and rail the action at the poker tables.

Aconcagua Poker Software: How to download client and use VPN

Aconcagua is a south-american network with players from several countries such as: Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia. However, our poker software allows players to choose their preferred VPN service and configure it accordingly. Thus, players need to set up VPN using Brazil IP to be able to login and play at Aconcagua.

Aconcagua Poker Software offers both desktop and mobile versions and has many features specially designed to attract recreational players. It is customized to support all poker games, from Texas Holdem to Omaha or Tournaments without any errors. Multi-tabling is also available for cash games players.

Aconcagua Software does not support poker trackers such as Holdem Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4. However, RakebackAce offers hand converters for Aconcagua Network at discounted prices, so you can easily use your HUD at the tables while your VPN is active. Players can have a very nice user experience while playing on Aconcagua Network from any country they want.

Aconcagua Deposit and withdrawal methods

Players can make deposits and withdrawals for Aconcagua via RakebackAce. We recommend all Aconcagua players contact us before registering to make sure you can play safely at this soft South-American Network.

RakebackAce accepts both Skrill and Neteller payment methods for deposits and cashouts.


Withdrawals usually take between 5 and 10 business days, a little more than on mainstream sites, because of our Brazilian partners who need to process them manually. All cash outs are charged with a withdrawal fee. However, the games are so soft that you won’t have any problem doubling your win rate. 

Aconcagua Poker Rake Structure and Method

Aconcagua uses a default weighted contributed rake method which is pretty standard for most of the sites. Therefore, it does not use any rake redistribution method such as the ones used by other mainstream operators as iPoker or Microgaming.

Rake at Aconcagua is 5% with rake cap values up to 10$.

Aconcagua Poker Rakeback and Rewards

Aconcagua does not host any classical VIP loyalty scheme or flat rakeback deal you might be used with. However, the main rakeback element comes from the extra edge you gain by playing against recreational players as it is widely known that Aconcagua focuses on bringing fish back at the poker tables.

On top of this increased win rate chance you can very hardly achieve in 2018, Brasil Poker Live also rewards players with special poker promotions.

Aconcagua Poker Promotions: Bad Beat Jackpot Rewards

Brasil Poker Live players also have the chance to participate within Aconcagua Bad Beat Jackpot promotion that reward them with extra cash prizes. There are types of jackpot prizes, depending on the stakes, marked with different colors:

Jackpot Level

Jackpot default prize (FBR)

Jackpot weekly added prizes (FBR)



+350 every week



+1,050 every week



+ 2,100 every week

Once the jackpot is reached, the prizes are distributed as follows:

·        40% to the player who has taken the bad beat

·        30% to the winning player

·        30% divided to the other 2 players in the pot

For the jackpot to be reached, there have to be at least 4 players in the pot and the bad beat to occur.

For more details or private deals for VIP players contact us on skype.

In conclusion, the main player benefits of joining Aconcagua Network are the following:

·        Multitude choice of games for all type of players: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Americana, 32 Card Draw, 7 Stud, Pineapple

·        Very soft cash games for both No Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha grinders who can play against unexperienced Latin American poker players who want to have some fun

·        Decent action for low stakes all the time and for medium up to high stakes at peak hours

·        Free accounts offered by RakebackAce to international players

·        Low withdrawal fees when cashing out your goldmine of weak recreational players

·        Secure connection through our professional VPN services

·        Good PLO room for bum hunters


Contact us to request a free poker account and start playing at Aconcagua.

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