Online poker promotions: rake races, chases & freerolls

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Best Online Poker Promotions

RakebackAce aims to introduce the best online poker promotions to worldwide players. They are usually offered by poker sites to add more excitement for recreational players. However, they can also be used by online poker grinders as an alternative source for extra rakeback. By registering via RakebackAce at your preferred online poker rooms, you are guaranteed access to the best online poker promotions available on the market.

Most Popular Poker Promotions

There are several types of poker promotions, depending on each room. From special guaranteed tournaments to jackpot or exclusive leaderboards, one can discover lots of promotions for each type of game. Nevertheless, there are three categories of poker promotions which are both most popular and rewarding:

1.      Rake Races

2.      Rake Chases

3.      Poker Freerolls

What are rake races?

Rake Races are designed to offer a fixed prize pool that is split to the paid places. Therefore, no matter how much someone rakes, each player has an equal chance to qualify for a specific place or prize. If for instance a rake race offers 5,000$ prize pool and first 3 paid places are 1,500$, 1000$ and 500$, all you have to do is to perform better of your competition to win the cash prizes. Therefore, a rake race is a poker promotion where you compete against other players who also take part into the promotion. Below you can see a real example of a rake race:

What are rake chases?

Rake Chases are pretty similar to rake races but have some differences. The similarity is that for each level of the rake chase you are given a fixed cash prize. The difference is that you no longer compete with other players but with yourself. If for instance, a rake race rewards players who raked 1,000$ with 100$ and those who raked 500$ with 50$, all you have to do is to compete with yourself and rake 1,000$ to get the maximum cash prize of 100$. Below you can see a real example of a rake chase:

Poker Freerolls

Poker Freerolls are the main element of building free poker bankroll. They are basically free tournament tickets that allow players join MTTs with guaranteed prizes. All you have to do is to play these tournaments and qualify for the paid prizes and win free money that help you build your bankroll. Usually, poker freerolls are used mostly by beginners and recreational players who have no experience or are not willing to deposit real money. Grinders are not that interested into these tiny player benefits. However, there are some depositors freerolls that might be interesting for professional poker players as well because they are more rewarding than the classical freerolls. You can check our online poker site reviews pages to find out which are the best online poker freerolls for each site.

Free Poker Bankroll

Poker Sites also offer other sources for building a free poker bankroll, besides freerolls. One way to benefit from this opportunity is to read our online poker site reviews for your preferred site and check which rooms offer no deposit bonuses. Usually, to be eligible to receive such bonus, players have to register a new accounts through us and use a specific no deposit bonus code. There are basically free money that players receive into their accounts and that can be used for Holdem/Omaha cash games or to play tournaments. There are few sites which offer no deposit bonuses in 2018, so this promotions is less popular than poker freerolls but it is another way to build your free poker bankroll.

Public Poker Promotions

Public Poker Promotions are the exclusive promotions offered by each online poker site. These are usually available on their website and updated on a monthly basis. RakebackAce also covers this section into our reviews pages so you can check the main public promotions offered by rooms directly on our site.

Private Poker Promotions

Above you can find our private promotions which are way more rewarding than public ones, adding more extra rakeback to our grinders. Thus, we only focus in this section on private poker poker promotions in the form of rake races or chases. It’s always better to contact us to double check the latest private poker promotions for your preferred site.

Best Poker Rakeback Deals

If you want to choose from our best rakeback deals, read our online poker reviews here: