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Holdem Manager 2

Holdem Manager 2 is a powerful performance enhancement tool that enables you to review and analyse your opponent’s play style, allowing you to significantly boost your own game. HM2 improves upon HM1, already an industry leader in this area, but now featuring a more robust and powerful database. Check it out and reap the benefits!

Holdem Manager 2 Cover

Poker Tracker 4

PokerTracker 4 is a tracker software that supports a wide variety of games (No-Limit, Limit, Pot-Limit) as well as different formats (Sit N’ Go’s and Multi-Table Tournaments for instance), making it a great choice for your play, whether you’re interested in Holdem, Omaha or anything else. Improve your game and boost your profits!

Poker Tracker 4

Aconcagua Hands Converter

Price: €40

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Aconcagua is a soft South-American Network with juicy games for NLHE. Contact us to get a free account there and start playing.

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RAP Hands Converter

Price: €40

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RAP is the second South-American Network with free accounts. RakebackAce players are rewarded with 30% flat rakeback.

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Chico Hands Converter

Price: €40

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The Chico Poker Network is the third-largest online poker cardroom open to Americans, in the top 15 worldwide by traffic numbers.

Chico Poker Network

Advanced J88Poker Converter

Price: €40

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Advanced CoinPoker Converter

Price: €40

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Advanced Adda52 Converter

Price: €40

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Advanced WWin Converter

Price: €40

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Advanced Spartan Converter

Price: €40

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Free Connective Converter

Free Peoples Poker Converter

Free PlanetWin365 Converter

Free Tonybet Converter

Free CristalPoker Converter

Free AAPoker Converter

Free Angrybet Converter


WorldVPN setup VPN connections for anonymous, unblocks websites, secure internet connection and hides your ip. Offer VPN service from 46+ countries.

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PureVPN is a VPN service loved by users all over the world. Besides being the most secure and the reliable VPN service, it protects you online with 256-bit encrypted VPN servers in 140 countries.

PureVPN Network


Top rated VPN for 2018. Unblock websites & protect all your devices. 24/7 support. VPN for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, routers & more. Try 30 days risk-free.

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Price: $129

This set for Hand2Note was designed and compiled by aJarov and Fukuruku for playing on a large number of tables.

ajarov fukuruku hand2note popup hud


Price: $79

Hand2Note “Legenden” Package – joint development with top MTT the player of “Legenden”.

legenden set pokerpopup hand2note


Price: $79

“Vea” Package was developed in conjunction with professional player Artem “Vea” Vezhenkov.

veeea set hand2note mtt



Take advantage of H2N’s opportunities for data gathering and information analysis with this positional HUD.
vomani dreamhud hud hand2note


Price: $59

This package is developed with assistance of the professional player in online of MTT Leonid Logunov.

lebrohbka package hand2note pokerpopup


Price: $38

Holdem Manager 2: «FREESTYLE» kit is a four-panel HUD that contains 26 stat. It will be an excellent solution for cash players.

freestyle set

There is no place for assumptions in poker. You need to relay on statistics to make correct decisions. So to achieve success and real resulst, players use HUDs and Pop Ups. Statistics workshop PokerPopUp works with online poker stars, famous poker schools, affiliates and backing companies to create effective statistics. They offer HUDs and Pop Ups that are already designed or customized for your needs, and will correspond to your style of play.

Pop Ups that are developed by PokerPopUp will display only necessary stats without cluttering the table, significantly increasing the chance of winning and shortening the time needed to make the right decision.
PokerPopUp works with all popular statistical programs:

– HoldemManager;
– PokerTracker;
– Hand2Note.

Their developers will help to realize any of your ideas, transfer your kit from one program to another, and create the unique statistics you require per your order.
Years of experience in customizing and creating HUD’s and Pop Ups will help streamline your experience and ensure you get a great bang for your buck.

The unique design of the kits pleases the eye and does not interfere with the game.
PokerPopUp offer a large number of HUDs and Pop Ups up for sale which will provide all the necessary stats that will point-out your opponent’s weak points . No need to waste anymore time trying to create HUDs by yourself.
Discounts and special offers are available for new and regular customers. offers simple and important poker software to ensure your play is profitable. There are 14 tools for holdem, hold’em six plus, and Omaha (hi, hi-low, 5 card Omaha and Courchevel).

newpokersoft poker calculator


SharkyScanner is a powerful tool for any SNG player finding the sweetest tables in your lobby and registering you in it. 7 days free trial is available.