Why You Should Take Poker Notes on Your Opponents

Why You Should Take Poker Notes on Your Opponents

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Whether you use an old-school notebook and take notes manually or you use the feature included in most poker software, taking notes on your opponents is essential in poker and it can take your game to the next level. Knowledge is power!

While taking notes at a live poker game might not be so convenient, it’s fairly easy to do it in online poker. Yet the vast majority of online players are not taking advantage of this very useful feature. Some players rely on their own memory, while others don’t even adjust their game according to each individual opponent.

In poker you can make a good profit by taking advantage of the mistakes of other players, even though your own game is not amazing (although that can help a lot). If you take notes you will be able to spot their weaknesses and predict their future moves, and of course, take advantage of them.

Taking notes can be very helpful on the long run, especially if you are playing against certain opponents on a regular basis. The information you have on them will give you more confidence and help you make better decisions.

But it will also make you more focused on the game and your decisions, thus reducing the chances of going on tilt. When taking notes (especially in tournaments), make sure to include the blind level, the stack size and the position of the player.

Feel free to create your own style and abbreviations, and when you have the time, go in depth with the notes. This will make it easier for you to recall something several weeks or even months later.

Use the color codes available on poker platforms to mark players according to their strength. For example, you can mark weak players in green, intermediate players in yellow and sharks and grinders with red. But feel free to experiment and create your own color code system.

Use abbreviations, as they can drastically reduce the time needed for taking notes. But give priority to the game that you are playing at that moment. Be more careful at what’s going on at the table, as you can take the notes later on.

You can also use the hand history feature offered by some platforms in order to take notes at the end of the game, instead of bothering to take them while playing.

Pay close attention to showdowns, as they can offer valuable information on your opponents. Try to see how they played that particular hand and what style of game they usually adopt.

So now you know why you should take poker notes on your opponents. Is this something that you do on a regular basis? Was it beneficial to your game-play? Let us know in the comments area below.

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