Where to play poker without a HUD and enjoy the highest rakeback rate

Where to play poker without a HUD and enjoy the highest rakeback rate

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Get the best cashback deal playing poker without a HUD

Everybody knows already about poker trackers such as Holdem Manager 2 and Poker Tracker. They have been used lately to improve user experience and help players get better decisions at the poker tables. Even poker rooms that don’t directly allow the usage of poker trackers have developed hand converters able to make the trackers work. However, there are some sites where usage of poker trackers is strictly forbidden.

Despite the vast majority of grinders, there are still players looking for HUD-free poker rooms. Why? Well, first of all, it’s way easier than using a HUD. If you’re a good player and have good reads on your opponents and a solid understanding of poker ranges, you don’t even need a HUD to exploit your villain. Secondly, HUD may have the downside of being exploited yourself. Playing without a HUD helps you focus on the game without troubling too much about what stats your opponent might have on you.

Therefore, some of you might want to take a look to the list of the HUD-free poker sites you may join during 2018:

  • GGNetwork – with great traffic and multi-tabling opportunity for both NLHE and PLO, the room is very suitable for HUD-free lovers
  • IDN Network – the biggest Asian network that offers access to NLHE cash games, very suitable especially for micro-stakes players where the value is tremendous high
  • Microgaming – even though they also have some normal tables, MPN also hosts anonymous tables where you can play without a HUD
  • Unibet – all gamers run without HUD and hand converter is not available

To sum up, there are plenty of options for players who want to play on HUD-free mainstream networks, on top of other smaller underground sites (such as Israeli sites) that use the same feature.

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