Where to Play Poker in 2018 – Best Online Poker Rooms and Offers

Where to Play Poker in 2018 – Best Online Poker Rooms and Offers

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Which online poker rooms you should choose in 2018

As you have probably discovered already by yourself, poker is far from being easy nowadays anymore. The game becomes tougher and tougher since more and more regulars try to improve their game by special coaching programs or materials available online. The rumors about bots being released and available to use on multiple networks make the game even harder. Thus, as a professional poker player you are probably thinking where to play poker in 2018.

While there are several affiliates claiming there are some gold mines such as Asian apps, let’s face it, they are rather not that good. There are few places where games are soft enough so that you could still get enough value from win rate itself. But the general idea is the edge is slightly decreasing day after day and the importance of rakeback becomes more and more important as time passes by and players increase stakes. In order to remain competitive and continue to be profitable at the poker table, one has to maximize his rakeback earnings.

RakebackAce is focused on delivering the best rakeback deals on the market, thus helping players maximize their rakeback earnings. While we try to deliver safe and good deals for everybody, covering all the market, we have to admit there are not that many good options for grinders harvesting rakeback. So when someone is asking himself where he should play poker in 2018, we have to go after the money and see where most of them come from in terms of rakeback.

Best rakeback rooms in 2018 are the following:

  1. Coral Poker – best iPoker hybrid deal with rakeback from 70% up to 90%
  2. Winner Poker – 75% flat rakeback based on new iPoker rake system called RPV
  3. Party Poker – Up to 60% VIP rakeback
  4. BestPoker – with an up to 100% new VIP system and 50% rakeback guaranteed via RakebackAce
  5. Pokerking – Up to 60% VIP rakeback

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