Top 5 Best YouTube Poker Moments

Top 5 Best YouTube Poker Moments

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Today we’ll take a look at some of the best poker moments on YouTube, that took place in PokerStars tournaments.

  1. Ronaldo at the 2015 PCA

The poker fans are always fascinated when a celebrity gets in poker tournaments. In 2015 it was the famous soccer player Ronaldo (not Cristiano), who made a big splash. He plays heads up with Lockhart and goes all-in with suited A2, while his opponent had suited AK. Initially Ronaldo had only 27% chances of winning the pot. The flop reveals a flush draw for Lockhart but no one has a good hand yet. The turn doesn’t change anything and the cards on the table are a 9, a J, a Q and an 8. Surprisingly, the river reveals a 2 and Ronaldo wins the big pot with none other than a pair of deuces. Ronaldo is eventually out of the tournament, yet still cashes $42,000.

  • Former Policeman Winning Millions Against Daniel Negreanu

Mike is in the final game playing against pro player Daniel Negreanu, and the latter goes all in. Mike decides to call, even though he had a poor hand. He had a 5,7 while Daniel had a K and a 4, both their hands being off suited. The flop reveals a 6, a 9 and a K, giving Daniel 80% chances of winning. Mike can only win with an 8. The turn shows a 6, which increases Daniel chances to 91%, but the river surprisingly shows an 8. Even with the smallest odds, Mike manages to win the game and he becomes a millionaire.

  • Daniel Negreanu vs. Phil Ivey

The 2 players end up in the final of the Shark Cage Season 2. The total pot is 2 million, Daniel has a pair of 7 while Phil has an 8 and a 9 and goes all in. The cards on the flop are a 7, a K and an 8, while the turn shows a 5. Daniel calls 655,000 and has 91% chances of winning and Phil would only need a 6. The river shows a 10 and this time Daniel wins the big pot.

  • The Greatest EPT Table in History

The final table of the EPT Grand Final in 2013 puts together Daniel Negreanu, Steve O’Dwyer, Johnny Lodden, Jason Mercier, Andrew Pantling and Jake Cody. The final heads up takes place between Steve and Andrew, the latter going all in with suited K5. O’dwyer calls with 10, 8 and eventually wins with four 8s, taking home a total of 1,2 million Euro.

  • The First 2nd time Winner of the EPT

After 9 years and almost 100 main events, there was never a 2 times winner on the EPT. This was until Victoria Coren Mitchell, the first woman to win an EPT trophy made the final table of the EPT 10 San Remo, against Giacomo Fundaro. Even though he had a pair of Aces, Victoria manages to win the final game with 2 pairs of J and Q. She eventually wins the EPT for the second time and gets a prize of 476,100 Euro.

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