Poker Tracker 4: Free Trial Version Premium Poker Tool

Poker Tracker 4: Free Trial Version Premium Poker Tool

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Nowadays it’s not enough to know poker, psychology and odds in order to be an elite player. Thanks to the advances in technology a wide variety of tools are available, and those who know how to use them have a clear advantage over the competition.

Poker Tracker 4 is one of these tools and can definitely help players of all levels. The software is easy to install and it is accepted by most poker platforms. And even if that platform does not allow such tools, you can still import the history manually and view detailed statistics.

In time you will gather valuable information, graphics and reports about your game and you will be able to improve it. You will then make decisions based on facts and not just on your mood or gut feeling. But you can also use Poker Tracker 4 to “spy” on your opponents, and notice how they played in the past and to find patterns in their game play.

If you go to their official website, you can download the Poker Tracker4 Free Trial Version. You can get it directly, without needing to sign up or to enter your credit card details. Just click the “Download” button and it will start immediately.

You can then go and install it and once you open the software you will be able to choose between Holdem and Omaha. Then click the “Begin 30 Day Trial” and you can start using it right away. Since it’s just a trial version, of course that it has some limitations. But it should be enough for you to get the hang of it and realize the huge potential of using such a program.

If you decide to buy the full software, there are various options to choose from, with prices ranging from $ 59.99 to $ 159.99. It has plenty of features, including an HUD editor, a notes tracker, custom stats and reports, an ICM and an equity calculator, a leak tracker, advanced graphs and charts and more.

It is supported by more than 25 poker networks worldwide and it’s compatible with all Holdem and Omaha games, whether they are cash games or tournaments. It is also compatible with all levels of stakes.

The more you play with the same opponents, the more data you can gather about their behavior. You will learn how they think and be able to predict their actions without them having a clue. As mentioned before, the HUD is totally customizable, so you can see just the information that really matters to you.

Of course that Poker Tracker (or any other similar software) does not work in anonymous tables, but other than that it can offer a huge value. In a fast paced world of poker where players are getting better and better at all levels, you need to keep up. So download Poker Tracker 4 today and start the Free Trial. You won’t regret it!

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