Poker Player Puts £42k Tournament Jackpot on One Spin of The Roulette

Poker Player Puts £42k Tournament Jackpot on One Spin of The Roulette

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Jake Cody is a professional poker player from England. He states that he had started his online career by depositing $10 and has not made any other deposit ever since.

He was studying psychology, but decided to quit college in order to play poker for a living. He says that his success comes from hard work and dedication. He has days when he plays poker for 12 hours and he is also constantly reading and learning. He has 1 WSOP bracelet and also won the WPT and the EPT once.

The crowd at a casino in Nottingham was shocked when Jake Cody put his entire prize from a poker tournament on one spin of the roulette, hoping to double his earnings.

The 29 years old poker player had a great day at a poker championship in the UK, and won £42,670. But then he took the crazy decision to risk it all on a single roulette spin in order to double the amount.

Multiple people filmed the moment, and you can see Jake anxiously waiting for the result, while people in the casino are shaking his hand and wishing him good luck.

The ball was spin by none other than the owner of the casino, Rob Yong. Jake bet on black, and the ball eventually lands on…black. The poker player is super happy as he had just won £85,340. A few hours later he posted on Twitter that he is feeling amazing and is back to London in order to celebrate. He then reposted a tweet of PokerNews about himself, with the title “NO GAMBLE NO FUTURE”.

This may seem like a huge amount for most people, but it’s nothing compared to his previous poker earnings. He is in the European tournaments scene since 2010, and cashed almost 3 million pounds so far! In his first year alone he won more than 1 million.

This is not the first time something like this happened. In 2004, English gambler Ashley Revell sold all of his belongings for a single roulette spin at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. He sold his BMW, his Rolex and absolutely everything else that he owned.

The entire event was filmed by the Sky One television as a mini-series called “Double or Nothing”. After an online bookmaker contributed to his gambling fund, Ashley had placed a total bet of $135,300. He bet on red, and the ball landed on 7 red.

So he doubled his earnings, cashing a total of $270,600. He used some of the winnings to invest in a poker company called Poker UTD, which eventually went out of business.

And he even was the source of inspiration for the game show called Red or Black hosted by the famous Simon Cowell.

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