Online Poker Tips vs. Live Poker Tells

Online Poker Tips vs. Live Poker Tells

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While the game and the rules are exactly the same, online poker is very different than live poker. Different strategies apply to each of the games, and online poker tips can differ a lot compared to live poker tells.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the major differences between these 2 types of games:

Live poker is slower – if you only played poker online and you move to a real live game, you will immediately notice that it’s much slower. When playing online you can play more tables at once and view more than 50 tables per hour, while in live poker you may only view 20-30 per hour

Live poker is softer – online players usually use various tools and training systems in order to get better and better, while many live players just play for fun and don’t really care about improving

Online poker has more variety – when playing on the internet, you have more options and games with blinds as low as $ 0.05 / $ 0.10 (or even lower). In real game the minimum is usually $ 1. This also applies to tournaments

Live poker offers a better social setting – while you usually play online games in the comfort of your own home and with no one else around, it’s quite different in a live game. Here you can easily make conversations with others about anything, and make friends (or enemies). Online poker chats are not that used for random conversations, players being too busy involved in multi-table games

Playing online is easier – if you want to play a live game you need to get dressed, go to the casino and spend a few hours there. But with online poker you can play it whenever you want and wherever you may be (especially thanks to mobile games). Online poker saves you time and money (gas costs, parking, drinks, tips, etc.)

Online players have multiple benefits – the advances in technology made it possible to have all sorts of software tools that will help you make better decisions during a game. You also have relevant stats, not only about your games but also about those of your opponents

In live games you have plenty of tells – while the signs are limited in online games, in live ones you can get plenty of tells based on how a player looks and behaves. It does take more time to master live poker tells, but it will be well worth it

People play more hands in live games – because of the games that take place way slower, players are more eager to play hands in live games, even though they may not have great cards

Variance is tougher in live games – the slower pace mentioned above also creates a more brutal variance. While the math is the same, things appear tougher because it takes much longer to hit certain hands. The volume in online poker is higher, thus you have more chances to recover after some bad hands

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