Mike Matusow Twitter Popularity

Mike Matusow Twitter Popularity

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In this article we will discuss about Mike Matusow, his life and Twitter popularity. Because of his bad mouth and behavior, he is known as “The Mouth”. He won 4 World Series of Poker bracelets and has total winnings of more than 9 million dollars.

He is not afraid to speak his mind and he is frequently cursing, despite getting penalties or being censored by televisions. He has an aggressive and fearless style, and he’s also a good reader of other players.

Even though he moved to Las Vegas when he was 10, he found his passion for gambling many years later. His first addiction was the video poker game. In the early 90s he learned how to play table poker from a friend and became good at it quite soon.

He was initially making his living by grinding hard at low limit tables, but soon got tired of the long hours. He then became a dealer at a casino in order to raise money and be able to play higher stakes games.

He became successful at the $30 / $60 limit, but he was losing his earnings on sporting bets. While he makes a lot of money today, he is still gambling on a regular basis, sometimes getting in debt because of it.

He won WSOP tournaments in 1999, 2002, 2008 and 2013, each one being on a different variation of the game. He finished second in 2004 and made the final tables in 2001 and 2005.

A memorable moment was when he won an invitation only event (the 2005 WSOP Tournament of Champions) but only finished 9th at the Main Event. He is known for making the final tables, but then blowing it all up and not closing the event.

Thanks to his entertaining personality, he became famous and gained a lot of fans. He also has Twitter popularity, with more than 110,000 followers on the social media platform.

While his poker life is great, his personal life is quite difficult. He has ADD and depression, which are sometimes affecting his poker games, and he also served 6 months in jail for a drug charge.

He shows his emotions in games, most of the times in good humor. But when he exaggerates or behaves foolishly, he later on feels embarrassed and apologizes.

Prop Bet with Ted Forrest

Mike Matusow is also known for a prop bet he made with Ted Forrest. The deal was that Ted has to lose 48 pounds in nine weeks. He was 188 at the time of the bet, and had to get below 140. Mike offered odds of 20:1, and Ted bet $100,000, making his total possible earnings 2 million dollars.

The last day came, and Ted was weighing 138, thus winning 2 million. But Mike later on stated that he is not able to pay, and promised monthly payments of $5,000.

It is not known if Mike is still making those monthly payments today, or they reached a different arrangement.

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