How the Fish Buffet loyalty system works at GGNetwork

How the Fish Buffet loyalty system works at GGNetwork

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GGNetwork’s new VIP system – Fish Buffet Loyalty

GGnetwork has surprised everyone when they have recently launched a new VIP system in 2018 called Fish Buffet. Unlike standard VIP systems where players were earning more gradually, GGNetwork has introduced the element of surprise combining the idea of earning player points with the factor of luck. Thus, depending on how much player points have players accumulated, they earn different levels within the VIP system that allow them have different chances for getting certain prizes. Prizes value are in the range of 10% up to 100%, thus players getting up to 100% rakeback at GGNetwork.

For instance, a player who has gathered 100,000 player points will get the status of Shark Black, the highest VIP level available within Fish Buffet system. In order to reach this level there is a time limit of 30 days. For this level prizes are in the range of 100 EUR up to 1,000 EUR for a player who has raked 1,000 EUR, thus meaning from 10% up to 100% rakeback. However, the highest expected cashback is 50%, meaning that on average the highest VIP level will receive 50% rakeback.

However, unpredictability has been added to increase adrenalin and make the VIP system more palpitating. Thus, a Shark Black player has 14,75% equity of receiving 100% rakeback, 15,47% chances of getting 80% rakeback, 16,22% probability of getting 60% rakeback, 17% equity of receiving 40% rakeback, in 17,8% of cases will earn 25% rakeback, while there is a 18,7% probability to be rewarded with only 10% rakeback. While a player unlocks a new level they earn the chance to spin a wheel for a cash prize. Unopened wheel spins will be automatically opened in 30 days and credited into player accounts.

How do all these changes impact players? It’s obvious that the cashback part becomes more exciting, thus bringing more recreational players to the table, who are satisfied of running a wheel to earn more cash prizes. Grinders are also rewarded with more rakeback than before due to the chances of getting up to 100% rakeback.

What happens with players that were under flat rakeback deals? Officially all players will benefit from new Fish Buffet loyalty system, but under the table deals are still available. However, there will be an impact for all players who were receiving flat rakeback deals. Example: If until the change, they were receiving 50% flat rakeback without any deductions, now deductions have to be manually calculated for each month. If in month 1 player has received 25% RB via Fish Buffet, he can still get the difference at the end of each month, but if he got more than 50% RB via Fish Buffet, he will not receive anything extra. So a 50% flat rakeback before has been replace with a 50% guaranteed rakeback now, where players can earn at least 50% rakeback but can go up to 100% if they are lucky while running the wheel.

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