Holdem Manager: The Most Popular Poker Tracker in 2019

Holdem Manager: The Most Popular Poker Tracker in 2019

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The world of online poker is more and more competitive these days, and players are using every little thing to their advantage. The advances in technology now made it possible to be able to predict the moves of your opponents based on their behavior in the past.

In a matter of seconds, you can just have a look at a software and be able to make quick and smart decisions. There are plenty of such tools, and Holdem Manager is the most popular poker tracker in 2019. Tracking software are so powerful and can make such a big difference, that some poker platforms banned them. 

Holdem Manager 2 combines the art and the science of poker and will help you to analyze your own results, to know your opponents better and eventually to maximize your profits. Their new interface gives you a huge amount of information and you have control over everything.

Even though it may seem like too much information at first, everything is laid out in an intuitive way, and you can also filter and customize just the information that you want to see.

Their strong and re-designed database allows Holdem Manager 2 to provide the fastest response time in the industry, even for the most demanding queries. HM2 has improved a lot based on the capabilities of HM1 and is surpassing all the competition.

There are various reports, for both cash games and tournaments, and they have both a standard and a graph view. You can filter absolutely anything that you might think of, allowing you to view the details that are the most important at that particular moment.

HM2 currently offers more than 1,000 stats that you can view. If this is too overwhelming, don’t worry! The Session View includes just the basic stats that you usually need in a game of poker.

The Heads Up Display (commonly known as the HUD) allows you to see how the opponents are playing in general, but also particularly against you. There are multiple pre-configured layouts to choose from, and you can also customize them according to your needs.

There is even a feature that allows you to add notes on certain hands, and later on, to review them. What’s interesting is that when you view the note you can also view a replay of that particular hand. This way you can better analyze your gameplay and improve it a lot.

Everything is set up in a clean and intuitive way, so beginners can learn it quickly. The filters can be combined in an infinite amount of ways, so you can have total control of everything. There are many more others features and widgets, and there is no wonder why Holdem Manager is the most popular poker tracker in 2019.

So why rely on luck and your gut feeling when you can simply make smarter decisions based on reports and statistics? Try Holdem Manager today and you won’t regret it!

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