HexaPro Spin and Go Game Launched by Unibet

HexaPro Spin and Go Game Launched by Unibet

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The HexaPro is the new released Jackpot Sit & Go game from Unibet. It combines the action of the Texas Hold’em game with the thrills of winning huge jackpots.

You can select from 7 different buy-ins and then play for a pot that is worth up to 1,000 times your stake. To make things even more exciting, you won’t know how many times your pot will be multiplied until the game starts and there will always be a maximum of 3 players at a table.

The available buy-ins are: 1 euro, 2 euro, 5 euro, 10 euro, 25 euro, 50 euro or 100 euro. So there is a game for everyone, regardless of their bank account. If you play at the highest stake, you can even sit at a table with a prize of 100,000 euro.

A HexaPro game is very fast paced. It’s basically a Sit & Go played in the hyper-turbo mode (3 hands). As mentioned before, the buy ins range from 1 euro to 100 euro, and the prize can range between 1.5 to 1,000 times the buy in.

If the multiplier is 25 times or less, then the winner takes the entire prize pool. If the multiplier exceeds 25, then the winner takes 80% of the total pot, the 2nd place takes 12% and the 3rd person takes 8%.

The game has a starting stack of 500 chips and the blind level speed depends on the multiplier. When the multiplier is low the blinds increase faster, while if the multiplier is high, the blinds increase slower.

Of course that probabilities are very low to hit the biggest jackpot of 100,000 euro, but you can still earn good cash with this game. And you never know when luck might strike you and you will earn the biggest pot. You can find the complete details about the prizes, probabilities, blind levels and blind structure on the official website of Unibet.

The HexaPro Spin & Go game is an ongoing promotion and a big jackpot is guaranteed to be won every 10,000 games played. When this jackpot is hit, the 10,000 countdown is reset. The big prize can be won on any of the games between the 1st and the 10,000th.

Don’t worry, because the jackpots are guaranteed at each of the seven buy-ins. So you still have chances to win, no matter if you bet 1 euro or 100 euro. Sign up at Unibet today and claim your welcome bonus of up to 200 euro. After that you can start playing various games (including the HexaPro) and gradually release the bonus.

Have you ever tried the HexaPro Spin and Go Game on Unibet? What do you think about it?

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