Funny Inspirational Poker Quotes

Funny Inspirational Poker Quotes

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Poker players and enthusiasts have said a lot of things about this game, including funny or inspirational poker quotes. Now let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. “Fold and live to fold again” – Stu Ungar
  • “Life, like poker, has an element of risk. It shouldn’t be avoided. It should be faced” – Edward Norton
  • “Avoid people with gold teeth who want to play cards” – George Carlin
  • “The next best thing about gambling and winning is gambling and losing” – Nick “The Greek” Dandalos
  • “If there weren’t luck involved, I would win every time” – Phil Hellmuth
  • “Trust everyone but always cut the cards” – Benny Binion
  • “No-limit holdem: Hours of boredom followed by moments of sheer terror” – Tom McEvoy
  • “I must complain the cards are ill-shuffled till I have a good hand” – Jonathan Swift
  • “The beautiful thing about poker is that everybody thinks they can play” – Chris Moneymaker
  1. “I never saw a poker player’s money that I did not like” – Oklahoma Johnny Hale
  1. “Poker is 100% skill and 50% luck” – Phil Hellmuth
  1. “Poker is a lot like sex. Everyone thinks they are the best, but most don’t have a clue what they are doing” – Dutch Boyd
  1. “Poker has the feeling of a sport, but you don’t have to do push-ups” – Penn Gillette
  1. “If you always start with the worse hand, you never have a bad beat story to tell” – Chuck Thompson
  1. “People would be surprised to know how much I learned about prayer from playing poker” – Mary Austin
  1. “Poker may be a branch of psychological warfare, an art form or indeed a way of life, but it is also merely a game in which money is simply the means of keeping score” – Anthony Holden
  1. “Aces are larger than life and greater than mountains” – Mike Caro
  1. “Poker is a combination of luck and skill. People think mastering the skill part is hard, but they’re wrong. The trick to poker is mastering the luck” – Jesse May
  1. “Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes playing a poor hand well” – Jack London
  • “The strong point in poker is never to lose your temper, either with those you are playing or, more particularly with the cards. There is no sympathy in poker. Always keep cool. If you lose your head you will lose all your chips” – William J. Florence
  • “Everyone gets lucky once in a while, but no one is consistently lucky” – Doyle Brunson
  • “Most of the money you’ll win at poker comes not from the brilliance of your own play, but from the ineptitude of your opponents” – Lou Krieger
  • “One day a chump, the next day a champion. What a difference a day makes in tournament poker!” – Mike Sexton
  • “Poker reveals to the frank observer something else of import. It will teach him about his own nature. Many bad players do not improve because they cannot bear self-knowledge” – David Mamet

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