The “durrrr Challenge” is finally over, Dan Cates announces

The “durrrr Challenge” is finally over, Dan Cates announces

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One of the hottest and longest challenges in Poker is apparently over! The “durrrr Challenge” started when poker wiz kid Tom Dwan “durrr” issued this challenge to every player in the world with the exception of Phil Ivey: bet $500.000 with 3:1 odds, that Tom can beat anyone in No Limit Holdem heads-up over 50,000 played hands, at $200 – $400 stakes.

In the world of poker however, risk-taking isn’t exactly a rare quality, and challengers quickly stepped up, possibly to the surprise of Tom Dwan, who didn’t do as well as he expected. Patrick Antonius won over $2 million from Dwan after 40,000 hands, forcing the American to buy out before the 50,000 hands were up.

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The challenge was also more famously took on by the “Jungleman” Daniel Cates. After 19,355 hands the game was stopped, Tom Dwan being at a disadvantage of more than $1 million. Years went by and only 1500 more hands were played in 2013, when Cates won a further $200,000. What happened next was a nightmare that took place over more than 5 years for Dwan, who lost millions in overdue fines. He promised to restart the match, but eventually Cates decided to let Dwan get out of the bet via a reasonable settlement. Dwan apparently paid over $800,000 in fines and no longer could afford going forward, Cates revealed last August.

Even though we don’t know the exact amount behind the settlement, it’s probably over $1 million. Dan Cates revealed the game was over in a discussion on the TwoPlusTwo online forum:

Talking to Ilari Sahamies, he revealed that they agreed on cancelling the challenge, as Tom forfeited.

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