Daniel Negreanu, the “human lie detector” vs. Andre Akkari

Daniel Negreanu, the “human lie detector” vs. Andre Akkari

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Probably the most famous “human lie detector” in the world is Daniel Negreanu, after he has succeeded numerous times in precisely reading his opponents’ hands, sparking awe and admiration from commentators, opponents and audience.

PokerStars has just published the first part of a short video series on this topic, suggestively titled “Human Lie Detector”.

The rules of the game are the following: Daniel will ask brazilian poker pro Andre Akkari 3 questions, and he will answer two times truthfully and lie once.

Daniel asks Akkari what he wanted to do when he was a kid, and then asks for biographical details not even his fans know about. He also asks him what the worst thing ever written about him in the press was.

Akkari answers that he wanted to become a professional basketball player like his father, that he tried surfing several times in Hawaii and that the Brazilian press accused him of no longer playing high level, high quality poker, preferring to hang out with celebrities in his entourage.

Here is the “interrogation” and Daniel’s decisions, as well as the reasoning behind them”

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