Best 3D Poker Sites

Best 3D Poker Sites

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While most online poker sites have very basic graphics, there are some that took things to the next level and created 3D poker games. Such games give a more realistic poker experience with first person views, detailed graphics and customizable avatars.

They have both advantages and disadvantages, so it depends what you prefer.

Pros of 3D Poker:

  • You can create unique characters and interact with others in a better way
  • You are basically playing a video game for real money
  • You can perform chip tricks, dancing and other crazy stunts
  • Less competition

A big advantage of 3D poker sites is that it’s filled with many fishy players. These are people who are more interested in just having fun and enjoying a nice poker experience, than grinding hard and win as much as possible.

Cons of 3D Poker:

  • A slower gameplay with fewer hands per hour
  • Lagging if you don’t have a good computer or a great internet connection
  • Most 3D poker sites don’t accept US players

3D poker games are the next best thing to live games and here are some of the best 3D poker sites in the world:

  1. 888 Poker

Established way back in 1999, 888 Poker has a nice 3D poker game, offering an amazing experience. The software is compatible with both PCs and Mac-s, and has really nice graphics and gameplay.

It has plenty of traffic at all times, and they even offer a no deposit bonus of $8 just to try their software. And of course, you will also get a 100% match on your first deposit, up to $600.

  • Ladbrokes Poker

Established in 2001, this UK poker site offers a nice 3D gaming experience. It has a great initial bonus of 100% of your first deposit up to $ 1,000, as well as multiple tournaments with great prizes.

It has cash games and tournaments of Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo, with cash games ranging from $ 0.01 / $ 0.02 and going up to $ 100 / $ 200. When it comes to tournament buy-ins, they range from 0 to $ 200. It also has plenty of traffic, so you can find action at the tables all the time.  

  • PKR Poker

The graphic of this game is quite astonishing, with high quality graphics and fully customizable avatars (you can pick the looks, clothes, accessories and more).  This will allow you to create a totally unique avatar that no one else has.

When in the game you can easily switch between the first person view, the third person view and the overhead look. The overall gaming experience is fun and realistic, and it might just be the best 3D poker site out there. While their software looks really nice compared to other poker games out there, it’s not demanding and even an old computer can easily handle it.

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