3 Poker Styles You Haven’t Heard of And Must Try

3 Poker Styles You Haven’t Heard of And Must Try

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Anyone who wants to play poker online knows that there are a few popular options: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and more. But what about the unknown variations of the game?

Although the classic poker styles are quite entertaining all on their own, there are some unpredictable poker styles that can take your gambling experience to an entirely new level.

Those online poker variations take the game you love so much and add a surprising twist to it, one which you won’t be able to resist. Do you want to learn more about the top 3 poker styles you should learn to play?

Pineapple Poker

Very similar to Texas Hold’em, Pineapple is a fun version of the game that suits players who want to raise the stakes without straying too far from the original game. When you play Pineapple, you get three cards instead of two, which means that your chances of creating a winning combination are much higher – and so are the bets. The game is packed with action and intrigue, and every poker player who loves a challenge should enjoy this poker style.


While the objective of most poker games is to get the best winning hand, the goal in Razz is the exact opposite. If you are tired of the same old poker rules, Razz is the perfect game to shake things up. It is a game where you will be required to get the worst hand possible if you want to win.

Yes, you heard it right, the lowest cards are the most desirable ones in this game! It might take you some time to adjust to the game’s rules and stop looking for the highest paying cards, but once you do – you will be able to enjoy this variation of poker to no end.

Baseball Poker

To add even more intrigue to an already exciting game, the creators of Baseball Poker came up with the brilliant idea to combine the card game with one of the most beloved sports in America. In this game, all threes and nines are wild, while fours grant players an additional card. Those numbers were specifically chosen for their significance in baseball, hence the name of the game. Sound fun, doesn’t it?

Why Should You Learn Different Poker Variants?

Yes, the unusual poker games can be quite interesting, but learning how to play those poker variants can prove to be more useful than you think.

As it turns out, plenty of seasoned poker players take the time to learn all about different variations of the game in the goal of improving their poker skills.

First and foremost, playing all types of poker will give you more opportunities to compete against other players and gain experience. You might encounter a group of players who prefer to play Razz instead of Hold’em, so wouldn’t you want to join in on the fun?

Also, by getting better at different poker styles, you will learn a lot more about tactics, betting odds, the importance of your position, and other details that will improve your playing capabilities.  

You might even get into familiar situations that you encounter when playing Texas Hold’em and suddenly have this eureka moment, one that will teach you how to handle yourself at the poker table.

So if you are interested in taking your poker skills to the pro level, you should consider branching out and trying different poker variants to learn as much as you can.

In Conclusion

Those three styles of poker are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the different poker variations, each one crazier than the next. Are you ready to check those games out?

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