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How to Become an Online Poker Shark
The game of poker has a lot of slang terms, two of them being “fish” and “shark”. A fish is
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Funny Inspirational Poker Quotes
Poker players and enthusiasts have said a lot of things about this game, including funny or inspirational poker quotes. Now
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european poker tour
European Poker Tour (EPT) Schedule in 2020
If you were looking for the European Poker Tour schedule of 2020, you came to the right place. The EPT
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happy poker player
What Does Poker Gratis Mean for LATAM players
If you ever see the word “gratis” in poker or anywhere else, you should know that it means “free”. When
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Eastern Poker Tour Schedule in 2020
Eastern Poker LLC is a media company that provides live poker tournaments with prizes of more than $500,000 per year.
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Top 5 Best Poker Books in 2020
While some may say that it’s an old-fashioned method compared to modern video tutorials, reading poker strategy books is still
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poker training software strategy
Top 5 Best Poker Training Software 2020
The development of online poker also created a lot of poker training sites and software. Not only this, but there
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Live vs Online Poker
Live vs. Online Poker Tournament Strategy
While the game itself is the same, the strategy of a live tournament is way different than the one of
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Learn How to Play Pai Gow Poker Online
There are many poker variations out there, and Pai Gow is one of them. It is based on the Chinese
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How to Handle Poker Bankroll Management Properly
Besides not having enough knowledge and skills, the main reason why poker players go broke is because of a poor
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Poker Psychology
Everybody knows that anger does not help when playing poker online. You need to be able to control your emotions,
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poker history
The History of Online Poker – How It All Began
Playing poker online these days is as normal as watching TV. It’s something easily accessible to anyone, no matter their
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